EX0-107 – SCNP Strategic Infrastructure Security

About EX0-107 Exam: The EX0-107 exam certification is for those network administrators whose additional skills needed to prevent their network from the inside out. Industry value of EX0-107 Exam: This exam is being conducted and offered by EXIN Inc. After passing this certification exam, it illustrates the certified professional competency […]

How the Starseeds Fell to Earth

Throughout history ancient people have created stories (myths, fables, legends, etc) to explain the origin of humanity, the universe, and life itself. Creationist stories involving gods and spirits are based on half-truths. Every culture or civilization, right up to the Modern Age, has taken parts of the truths and expanded […]

Urine Therapy

During my studies with Mr. Jaffrey I would be amazed at the correctness and timing of some of his ‘predictions’ regarding the cycle of health products that would become popular. He was fond of responding to many of my queries with statements like – ‘Yes, young fellow, about 30 years […]

Business Plans Made Simple

I have a friend and business partner who is probably the world’s foremost expert on buying businesses. Over the past 50 years he has bought somewhere around 200 (he’s lost count) businesses, and still going strong today. And one of the jokes he likes to make goes something like this: […]

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