2 Easy Natural Ways to Increase Energy

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Being a “natural treatment advocator”, I always look for all natural solutions for situations and when I needed a solution to increase my energy, I wanted to go the natural route as well.

I have taken Apple Cider Vinegar on and off for many years now to increase my energy… first, to keep up with my then two year old… and now because some days, I am just plain exhausted. It is a quick cheap way of boosting energy. Putting 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (raw) in water each day (once or twice) definitely increases energy. If you decide to try this, make sure to get the “raw apple cider vinegar”. It will be in the bottle that has “brown stuff” on the bottom of it. The “brown stuff” will float around and get in your drink (so don’t panic) but believe me, that is the “stuff” that is good for you and will help increase your energy.

I was looking for another “energy booster”… a tastier one… and I stumbled across raw refined virgin coconut oil. Yes, coconut oil is what people will tell you is filled with fat and you shouldn’t ingest it and yet, it has been proven to raise good cholesterol and help with many different ailments… but that is another story.

Anyway, to stay on the topic, a study involving mice was done over a 6 week period. It tested their endurance after ingesting MCFA (the fatty acids found in coconut oil). The mice were tested for endurance in a pool. Every other day, the mice were tested on how long they could swim for. In the beginning of the trial, there was not much difference between the mice who were given MCFA and those that weren’t. However, not long after, the group of mice that were fed MCFA outperformed those that weren’t. And as the study continued, the “MCFA mice” continued to perform better.

I decided to try refined virgin coconut oil (I have read the “virgin refined” is the best kind) recently and to be honest, when I first tried it, I thought I was going to die. I became unbelievably lethargic. This happened for the first week and I was about ready to give up on it when I read that lethargy is common in the beginning… and in time, just like the study above, things will change. I have been continuing to take it and the exhaustion that I experienced initially has gone away. I have also noticed that I sleep much more soundly and I don’t have as hard of a time getting up in the mornings. It took about 2 weeks to get to that point.

Because my husband has a hard time sleeping… and he saw how it has helped me sleep better… he wanted to try it. So far, he has been taking it a few days and he has been experiencing the same thing I did when I first took it. However, it has been helping him sleep in an amazing way. The first night he took it, he told me he didn’t think he ever slept that much in his life. I am interested in seeing how this affects him in a couple of weeks. I think because he naturally has more energy that me, he will be like a machine.

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