5 Reasons for Feeling Excessively Tired

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In general, when you feel heavy-headed and exhausted, it is because of bioenergetics. It is a branch of biochemistry concerned with the movement of energy through biological systems. Bioenergetics seeks to establish how living creatures obtain and transform their energy to accomplish biological activities. Essentially, it talks about how we acquire and use the energy inside our bodies is closely related to how exhausted we feel.

While bioenergetics is primarily concerned with our physical energy, our overall energy level is heavily influenced by our mental health. Here are some possible explanations for why our bodies may feel heavy and fatigued.

Sleep Deprivation

This is among the primary causes of people feeling fatigued. Quality sleep, particularly Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, is critical for medical well-being.

Energy is neither generated nor destroyed, according to the concept of energy conservation. It can change from one kind to another. According to this principle, humans require sleep to store energy. When we get enough sleep, we minimize our caloric demands by operating at a reduced metabolic rate for a portion of the day. This theory is supported by the fact that our metabolism decreases during sleep.

According to research, sleeping for eight hours a day can help us preserve 35% of our energy as compared to being awake the entire day. The primary aim of sleep should be to lower a person’s energy usage at all times.

Lack of Physical Activity

It is often difficult to motivate ourselves to have a regular workout routine. Nevertheless, if you can muster the energy to exercise, you will experience increased energy levels. Any type of exercise will raise your heart rate and get the blood circulating. Exercise will also lead to an increase in your endorphin levels, which will subsequently increase energy levels. Cardiovascular workouts that require effort will generally make your heart stronger and increase your stamina.

Having a regular exercise routine will no doubt help you immensely in being productive in your both personal as well as professional life.

Nutritional and Hydration Deficiencies

Because our body is mostly composed of water, a hydration deficiency will naturally drain energy. Medical research says the heart and brain contain 73% water, while the lungs contain 83% water. Our epidermis is 64% water, the kidneys and muscles contain 79% water. Even our bones are 31% water. Not drinking enough water, will lead to medical issues in addition to just low energy levels.

In terms of nutrition, avoiding extra sugar is a rather commonsense habit. Sugar consumption may be harmful to the body and brain, generating brief bursts of energy (highs) followed by mental fogginess, physical exhaustion, or crashes. Sugary beverages, candies, and pastries, in general, deliver too much fuel (sugar) into your bloodstream that too rapidly.


The harmful effects of stress are highly underestimated. Stress is among the leading cause of various fatal diseases. Feeling exhausted is only one of the signs of stress. It has been found to have an impact on all bodily systems. Stress can result in adrenal fatigue, which causes weariness and cognitive fog in the body.

Anxiety or Depression

These two frequently coexist with stress. It is also widely disregarded in our culture, even though millions of people throughout the world suffer from depression and anxiety. Many people who are depressed describe symptoms such as a loss of energy, excitement, and a general unwillingness to get out of bed in the morning.

In very severe cases, depression can even lead to suicide. It is something people are not willing to talk about. This is something that needs to be addressed on a war footing to root it out of our society. It can be treated easily through counseling. There is nothing to feel ashamed about if you suffer from depression. Seek immediate therapy the moment you suspect you are going through depression.

Summing Up

The most essential thing is to recognize when you are feeling heavy or fatigued and to take action to make your condition better. If you are continuously feeling sluggish or low on energy, do yourself a huge favor by addressing it at the earliest. You will also be making your life easy by using a reliable internet service. Spectrum will ensure you get the reliability you need when using the internet. Spectrum chat will also ensure you receive unbeatable customer service.

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