5 Reasons Why I Admire Frederick Douglass

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I admire Frederick Douglass:

– because he defied the odds. He escaped from slavery and taught himself how to read and write. He said “knowledge is the pathway from slavery to freedom.” By giving himself the gift of education, he gave himself a life of options and prosperity. We can still draw from his message today by being continual learners.

– because he was a great writer. During a time when it was nearly impossible for Blacks to read he found the determination and courage to document his story. His book is entitled “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave”. Frederick Douglass’ autobiography was published in 1845. He rewrote the autobiography twice and each time republished his life’s story. Frederick Douglass was also a publisher. The name of his newspaper was The Northern Star.

– because he was a great orator and public speaker. Spectators, Black and White came from all over to hear Douglass speak and lecture. One of his famous speeches was at the Seneca Falls Convention where he delivered an impromptu speech about Women’s Voting Rights. As an orator Douglass took great responsibility in spreading a message of hope, enlightenment, and action. He said “I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.” He knew that without taking action little would be accomplished.

– because he was an advocate for interracial marriage. Two years after Anna, his first wife, passed; Frederick Douglass married a white woman, Helen Pitts. Despite the fact that the marriage cause a great deal of turmoil with his adult children and between Pitts and her family Douglass did not back down. He often brought awareness to the fact that while his first marriage was to a person the color of his mother; his second was to a person the color of his father. I admire the fact that although he was an advocate for the rights of Blacks, the mistreatment of Blacks didn’t turn him into a racist. He valued everyone.

– because he has many honors and awards. Posthumously Frederick Douglass is the only man to become an honorary Alpha Phi Alpha member. There are several buildings and schools named after him. There are several statues erected in his honor. And, his home in the District of Columbia is a National Historic Site.

Hopefully this article provides some alternative ways to offer information about Mr. Douglass. Other than being an abolitionist, there are many other qualities and characteristics that he possessed.

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