June 7, 2023

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6 crypto investment rules to follow for a productive 2022

2021 was an excellent year for Crypto. And while the

era-defining events pushed the assets towards a euphoric territory, the start to 2022 was anything but ecstatic. The market continued to trade sideways, and even the most promising crypto players kept shedding gains.

However, the range-bound market could hardly dent investor sentiments. Leading platforms like
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continued to see a lot of action over the past week or so. And with new listings taking centre stage, 2022 is all set to become a watershed year in regards to the much-anticipated crypto adoption.

But there is a catch to all this! Every year in the crypto timeline requires different strategies to succeed. Therefore, investors planning to make it big in the crypto space in 2022 must follow six golden rules to stay safe and in the green. And while trading over secure exchanges and diversifying the portfolio are still rules enough, we shall cover the 2022 exclusives for now.

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DYOR religiously

Crypto tools, bars, charts, indicators, whitepapers, and educational resources are ever-reliable. But for these to work, you must ‘Do-Your-Own-Research’ going into 2022. Crypto is a queer space with every possibility depending on the unpredictable nature of us, the humans.

Therefore, every technical tidbit, fundamental insight, and more isn’t going to offer a holistic solution to your investing worries, only a minor advantage. DYOR gives you that edge, provided you spend time religiously, learning the following:

  1. Fundamental analysis
    Knowing the coin or token better will be the theme in 2022. With new players coming up each day, knowing the tokenomics, roadmap, market cap, and utilities will significantly influence picks. And if you aren’t privy to the concept of fundamental analysis yet, credible exchanges ensure that only verified, secure, and dependable tokens are available for you to choose from.
  2. Technical analysis
    You can expect erratic market movements in 2022. And that’s not a prediction but common sense. Doing your research in regards to technical analysis can help you predict the massive market movements better than others. And as it’s undervalued as a tool, technical dexterity can come across as a game-changer for the investor in you.
  3. Use Cases
    There is much more to the coin or token than the fundamentals and technicals. Before investing or even HODLing a specific asset in 2022, you must DYOR regarding the real-world benefits.

Note: A project that aims to solve a simmering real-world issue will have its native token go up the popularity charts.

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Account for volatility

According to Nils Gregersen, CTO, Paycer, the current crypto space is experiencing a massive pump. And this trend might lead to a lot of volatility in the coming months when people start cashing out their holdings.

Note: Pumping an asset means creating a sense of inflation just to drive the prices up.

And with ‘Pump-and-Dump’ schemes being common in the crypto space, you might see some cooldown or extended consolidation. But that’s not something to be worried about. Not if you are a crypto investor.

Do not ride the hype!!!

Are you planning to follow Elon Musk in 2022 only for his cryptic crypto tweets? Well, as an investor looking to make it big in 2022, that’s exactly what you ‘Shouldn’t’ do.

Crypto hype or even shilling isn’t going to take you far in 2022 when the entire world has its eyes fixed on utilities.

Fact Check: Shilling means using implicit advertising or personal endorsements to create some buzz regarding an asset

Go old school

The likes of Bitcoin(BTC),
(ETH), and diverse protocol Altcoins like Polkadot(DOT), Polygon(MATIC), and Solana(SOL) are more like old-school crypto kingpins. These assets have their eyes set on mining scalability, transaction efficiency, blockchain interoperability, and more, making them reliable investment instruments.

As an investor, if you aren’t sure about the new altcoins and their purported use cases, going by the book and considering these tried and tested crypto players seems like a better idea. And if you want to know more about each of these assets in detail,
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has you covered.

Follow the key events

Staying informed will play out as major crypto investing theme in 2022. More than the hype itself, actual global events, technological improvements, and regulatory scenarios will play a significant role in the coming months.

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And while we are expecting several key market movers to surface, here are the most sought-after ones:

  • Upcoming crypto regulations with a focus on coexistence and Blockchain dominance
  • Launch of the much-anticipated CBDCs, across the globe
  • The inception of ETH 2.0 and a new, sustainable Ethereum ecosystem
  • The unprecedented growth of NFTs
  • Global companies delving into the Metaverse space
  • Bitcoin finding a new home
  • Working DeFi products with a functional revenue generation model

And believe us, these events are mere kick-starters, and 2022 will see us coming face to face with many such happenings.

Do not ‘Always’ buy the dip

As an investor, you must have been buying dips for quite some time now. However, with the market replete with talks regarding a cooldown and consolidation, every dip in 2022 will not be worth buying. To be on the safer side, you should only focus on value-buying if the market or the concerned crypto-asset initiates a fresh rally.


While 2021 was a year of crypto supremacy, 2022 will redefine ‘Crypto Resilience’. And as an investor, your primary focus should be on knowledge building throughout the year. Also, there will be platforms like
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there to help with insightful listings, trading tools, risk analyzers, and more.

Regardless of the speculative ups and downs, digital assets will be hot in 2022. And for the investors, the age-old adage will still apply, i.e., ‘The Trend is your Friend’.

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