A Letter to Science About the Antidote for Cancer

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The 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi was the co-founder of the American National Foundation for Cancer Research. His ‘Letter to Science’ in 1974 stated that the accepted criteria for applying for crucial government cancer research funding was counterproductive. From his political-medical science perspective, the funding for a cure for cancer was prevented because the accepted criteria for substantial research was itself carcinogenic in nature.

As a Hungarian citizen during World war II he avoided capture by the Gestapo for holding political science theories offensive to the Fascist government. After the war he declined the political theories of Russian communism to pursue his cancer research in America. His letter to science made use of political ideas belonging to the ancient pagan Greek atomic Science for Ethical Ends. The pagan concept of the 28 day moon movement resonating emotion-forming mathematical information to the atomic metabolism associated with the female cycle, had been taught at the Epicurean University in ancient Athens.

These ideas however, go beyond the limitations belonging to modern day science residing within the legal systems of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. We hope that science can resolve the problem and that this might be of practical future value to all three by providing a cure for cancer and bestowing upon them a more benevolent global scientific culture.

Szent-Gyorgyi saw the ancient Greek ideal to develop a political science to guide ennobling government for the health of the universe, in order to avoid the extinction of civilization, as a medical issue. It is the very opposite of the prevailing global scientific thermodynamic culture, which in fact demands the extinction of all life in the universe. This death cult concept of reality clearly belongs to a carcinogenic scientific mindset.

The idea of American Democracy contains aspects of the ancient Greek ethical political science. In 2017 this concept of democracy was clearly revealed to be a plutocracy: government by the wealthy. We can argue that within a culture driven by thermodynamic chaos this current plutocracy might well be a common sense prerequisite for immediate economic tribal survival, inspired by moral democratic values. However, its intrinsic scientific, carcinogenic nature must sooner or later bring about a repeat of its well recorded cyclic destruction of tribal societies. Carcinogenic science is now helping to accelerate this process toward a terminal state, in obedience to the prevailing thermodynamic extinction law.

All that is needed to evolve beyond that situation is just to place the plutocratic know-how alongside relevant survival antidote logic within a computer set up to generate human survival blueprint simulations. Such simulations will outline new technological guidelines to accrue unimaginable wealth, together with the administration guidelines to benefit the people. This model is in contrast to the illusory anticipations existing within a society based upon the present global inflow of dysfunctional information.

This crucial research methodology had already been enacted this century, but the apparent cancer cure knowledge was, as Szent-Gyorgyi predicted, completely ignored. In 1979 China’s most highly awarded physicist, Kun Huang, provided Australian Science-Art researchers with the methodology to measure the existence of the life force. He suggested that by using Szent-Gyorgyi’s understanding of ancient Greek mathematical geometry, it should be possible to develop a scientific program to generate simulations demonstrating the evolution of seashell growth and development through space-time.

If the simulations matched perfectly with seashells recorded within the fossil record then the physics laws governing the evolution of life would have been discovered. During the 1980s, this experiment was successfully carried out in Australia. In 1990 the world’s largest technological research institute, IEEE in Washington, reprinted the discovery from published papers by Italy’s leading scientific journal, Il Nuovo Cimento. IEEE acclaimed it to be one of the 20th Century’s great optical mathematical discoveries, placing it alongside such names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick.

In 1995 this mathematical discovery was transposed into a physics format by the President of the Institute of Basic Research in America, to discover new physics laws governing the evolution of life forms. The prevailing thermodynamic mathematical logic was shown to generate futuristic distorted carcinogenic life-form simulations. Szent-Gyorgyi’s cancer research observation about dysfunctional thermodynamic information was activated to completely negate the Australian project to obtain a human survival blueprint. Scientists around the world had no choice but to agree that seashells did indeed carry crucial evolutionary survival information because it was clearly written down on mechanistic seashell fossil objects. None of them realized the simple truth, that living life-forms within the seashells had transmitted that information to the growing shell formation. Szent-Gyorgyi, who had predicted such a nonsensical situation had written a book about it, entitled ‘The Crazy Ape’. The scientists refused to allow the living process to use infinite mathematical logic because their obsolete non-sensible thermodynamic culture had already sentenced all life in the universe to extinction.

The Nobel Laureate’s description of a crazy ape mindset, however, had defined a entirely natural state of mathematical schizophrenia existing at the dawn of civilization. This reality only highlights the incredible technological potential of humanity if a great political leader bothers to encourage the generation of the human survival blueprints mentioned above. From such designs completely new technologies can be quickly developed to benefit the human condition.

Ancient Sumerian astrological mathematical intuitions evolved from celestial movement wonderment, a fact compatible with the scientific research process acclaimed by Szent-Gyorgyi. From these ancient research intuitions we inherited a 7 day week of 24 hours a day, with each hour of 60 minutes. Their sense of direction gave us a circle of 360 degrees. Both their time and directional guidance systems are now used to explore the nature of outer space universal reality. However, during the time of the Sumerian civilization, their intuitions about the nature of infinite reality was neither mathematical nor scientific. It was based upon religious concepts belonging to argumentative gods and goddesses, one in particular was Inanna the goddess of sex and war.

The religious non-mathematical persuasions of the Sumerians to wage war was a natural expression of a survival of the fittest instinct to guard against their falling prey to some other tribe intent of committing violence against them. The Sumerian astrological mathematical knowledge and the worship of warlike deities was later absorbed by the Babylonian Kingdom. Ancient clay tablets record the Sumerian gods from a dark abyss declaring ‘Let there be light’ prior to the creation of hybrid humans from clay. Their gods argued about the bestowing of eternal life to keepers of the Ark during the Great Flood. Mathematics then became an unethical Babylonian instrument to terrorize the populace to wage war. The Babylonian priests developed the mathematics to be able to predict eclipses, Inanna the goddess of sex and war became Ishtar the Babylonian goddess of prostitution and war and the bestowing of immortality to the keepers of the Ark escalated into violent chaos.

This unethical use of mathematics is made clear by the discovery of a baked clay tablet written by a Babylonian priest to his king. The message reads to the effect that the gods demanded that the 673 BC lunar eclipse be used by the king to terrorize the population to ensure that they became sexually anxious to advance the art of waging war to increase the power of the Babylonian Kingdom.

The 19th Century champion of American Democracy, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote about the enslavement of the American people by a plutocracy that had inherited aspects of the unethical Babylonian legal system. He did not realize that such a state of government at that time was a biological necessity for American survival amid a global society of warring tribes seeking to dominate each other. Nonetheless, his mathematical solution involved new technologies alluded to within ancient Sanskrit mathematics, which were based on a similar scientific logic that Szent-Gyiogyi used later to derive his cancer-free science belonging to ancient Greek political mathematics.

The carcinogenic cycle of the destruction of future civilizations fighting to the death over which deity, or set of mathematical laws, provided personal access to infinity followed from the Babylonian social system. Szent-Gyorgyi’s description of the scientific crazy ape with a carcinogenic mindset can now be seen as belonging to a form of mathematical schizophrenia being an integral aspect of a primitive tribal evolutionary process. The process of dysfunctional emotional information governing modern plutocracy has now been classified by government appointed epidemiologists as a global 3D epidemic. The mass manufacture of dysfunctional information and communication devices is now understood to be causing severe damage to global society.

To better understand the nature of this global dysfunctional information epidemic it can be seen to be similar to the use of mathematics programmed within a poker machine, employing sound and colour vibrations to bring about a heroin-like addiction. This compulsion is designed to bring about a state of moral and financial bankruptcy. The unethical use of mathematical manipulation involving illusory emotional anticipation, echoes the global stock-market excitement. That game is destined eventually to cause economic collapses for the benefit of the players running global plutocratic battles of wits. Nonstop artistic colour advertising instills a trivial sense of excitement to the masses referred to in terms of market confidence.

This global economic existence is eventually paid for by massive casualties on battlefields, with people fighting for the right of some deity or honour philosophy to grant both victims and survivors some beneficial access to infinite realty. The mathematician, Plato, classified the associated artistic rhetoric, pomp and ceremony involved in such a form of government, as unethical art, lacking a substantial spiritual purpose.

The philosopher, Immanuel Kant, researched the difference between Plato’s definition of unethical art and and human survival artistic wisdom to establish the ethical basis of the electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science. The philosopher of science, Emmanuel Levinas, agreed with Kant’s conclusion that the missing artistic spiritual component within Plato’s condemnation of art, was an asymmetrical electromagnetic inner-vision existing within the creative artistic mind. The relevant asymmetrical electromagnetic potential technology belonging to that concept was predicted by the inventor of the alternating electric industrial motor, Charles Proteus Steinmetz. He actually wrote, specifically stating, that such a spiritual electromagnetic motor technology would be far greater that the technology associated with the present physical electromagnetic one.

In 2010 the Australian seashell life force discovery theories were fused with quantum biology by the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the Italian University of Pavia. In association with Quantum Art International based in Italy they jointly worked together to research for an antidote to the global dysfunctional epidemic. They were aware that Isaac Newton within his long forgotten, but nonetheless published, 28th Query Discussions, insisted that ancient Greek science considered that gravity was not caused by the functioning of a mechanistic universe. Newton wrote that the mass of objects in space was not the first cause of gravitational force as modern quantum mechanics had falsely pretended otherwise.

Although the previously mentioned living evolutionary seashell mathematics had been recorded on mechanical seashell objects, modern quantum mechanical science was unable to reason about the crucial living information being transmitted to the shell by the living creature within it. The Italian-Australian team, free to reason otherwise, began to research how quantum mechanics needed to be completed by linking it with living information. In 2016 they achieved their objective. Their Science-Art antidote discovery was awarded an international First Prize at the XX International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Art, Central House of Artists, Moscow. The World Fund for Arts, Government of Moscow, Artist Union of Russia and the European Art Union sponsored this competition.

Recent DNA discoveries have allowed us to consider that humans now belong to one species. In that case, the prevailing carcinogenic thermodynamic scientific culture, which demands human extinction, depicts the human species as suffering from some sort of scientific carcinogenic neurological disorder. That echoes the conclusion that the greatest mathematician in history, Georg Cantor, whose work upholds most of modern science made. He wrote that the modern scientific mind was suffering from a myopic fear of infinity, as alluded to by Waldo Emerson and Szent Gyorgyi.

The author of ‘The Crazy Ape’ held that there is a link between molecular electromagnetic processes and fundamental aspects of cancer growth and development. The scientist, David Hilbert, working with Albert Einstein on mathematical research embracing that field of knowledge, fully supported Cantor’s observation that an ignorance of infinite mathematical reality governed the modern scientific mind. With the aid of several other great philosophers of science, it was not difficult to discover the antidote to bring scientific research into a far greater perspective than one obsessed with human extinction. Very eminent scientists around the world hailed the antidote discovery as being a major historical achievement of the 21st Century.

During 2016 the Australian Prime Minister, the Governor General, the Minister for Art and Communications, the Leader of the Opposition and several senators received copies of the prize-winning antidote documentation. On November 15, 2016, the Department of the Minister for the Arts and Communication advised that the Australian Government’s principle arts funding body makes decisions on grant applications at arm’s length from Government, through a process of peer assessment.

It is not rational to use peer assessment about a internationally accepted unique important discovery of crucial government importance. The cancer antidote document was dismissed in a way that Szent-Gyorgyi had very clearly described as belonging to a counterproductive cancer research methodology. Not one senior Australian politician saw fit to allow any opportunity for critical evaluation of this research for the betterment of the global human condition.

To compound this illogical way of thinking the Macquarie University in Sydney, acting on behalf of the Commonwealth Visual Arts Board, arranged for a phone interview which would have been about the antidote situation. The University mailed copious protocol directions to guide the discussion, which were ultimately counterproductive to the antidote thesis. Therefore, the non-sensible proposal associated with the Australian Visual Arts Board was dismissed out of hand.

The greedy unethical plutocratic nature of Australian politics became evident during the writing of this letter to science. The resignation of the Minister for Health concerning the misuse of pubic monies for personal gratification made front page newspaper headlines. This was followed by more front page headlines, in which similar ‘misuses of funds’ scandals were associated with other senior Australian politicians. The plutocracy; government by the wealthy, can be considered scientifically unfit to care about the health and wellbeing of democratic government and explains why its appointed epidemiologists are unable to find an antidote to the prevailing 3D dysfunctional information epidemic.

In conclusion, the pharmaceutical empire in the hands of powerful multinationals, continues to conduct brilliant research resulting in incredible discoveries, alleviating the spread of cancer. However, it is surely warranted that the antidote discovery be critically examined as soon as is possible.

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