• September 23, 2023

Telonaut – Book 1

Telonaut- Book 1 of the Televerse Series

Matt Tyson

ISBN: 9781535163972


364 pages

Sero Novak’s current age is forty-six years old. However, he was born one hundred seventeen years ago. For the missing sixty-nine years, he was just code – a spider map – on a permaDrive, waiting for a body.

Currently, he is …

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Product Designers’ Guide to Successful New Product Development

Product designers face new challenges in the industry as consumers are becoming more and more educated. Thus, designers have to respond by refining their products to meet the expectations and needs of consumers. Whether you wish to make profits with a successful product development or you are looking to enhance brand performance, there are steps …

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California Labor Laws and the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Movement

In the fall of 2010, New York passed the first ever domestic workers bill of rights, which gives domestic workers the same benefits and rights that many other workers have had for years. The passing of this law marked a huge victory for domestic workers’ rights activists, and may have served to pave the way …

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Marriage Discrimination – Can an LLC Help

History has shown us that when any group is not allowed to fully participate in society, bad things happen.

Discrimination based on race, gender, religion, ethnic background, national origin, or sexual preference has run rampant throughout American history.

Women in the U.S. could not vote or run for office until 1920. Throughout history in many …

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A Critical Response to Child Labor Issue

It is disappointing to hear about child labor in this fast-paced world as this issue has been popped out ever since those ancient days and it is still happening now. It is like a never-ending issue. When talking about child labor, we can relate it to children exploitation, children slavery and also children trafficking. Child …

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Is Technology Changing Our Brain Formatting – Should We Change Our Educational System To Match?

Not long ago, I was discussing with our think tank some of the challenges with all this new technology and all the information known to mankind literally in the palm of every student lucky enough to have a parent who bought them a smartphone. When holding all this knowledge in their hands – it’s no …

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Repairing a ‘Sick’ Business

I often say to employers – if you want to get the most out of your business then you must build a strong foundation.

The foundation in ALL business is the people that operate it.

If an employee is sick – all efforts must be directed toward restoring the energy of that individual – Only …

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Book Advocates Natural Healing for Man’s Best Friend

Healing Your Dog Naturally is a revolutionary new book by Nicole Gabriel that will make you rethink how you care for your dog. It will teach you how to be proactive about your canine’s healthcare and by extension rethink your own eating and medicinal habits. Consequently, you can kill two birds with one stone, or …

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Analysis of the Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell

Appearance and Reality
Russell questions the absoluteness of knowledge and the discernment of the problem in Philosophy.

What is the distinction between appearance and reality? Things which are known by perception are labeled as sense data. The collection of all physical objects is called matter.

Russell quotes the Philosopher Berkeley who said objects do not …

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Traumatic Brain Injury – The Critical Role of Family on the Road to Diagnosis Treatment and Recovery

Brain injury is one of the leading causes of death in people under the age of 45. Many who suffer mild to moderate injury do not appear to be injured and they have few outward physical manifestations of personal injuries. In short, they “look” good, despite the fact that they have suffered a severe personal …

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Future Career Scope for Mechanical Engineering

Engineering is by far the most mainstream and substantial career choices of all. While there are various streams one can pursue, the one who has a knack for automation and mechanics should certainly opt for a B.Tech in Mechanical engineering course. The reason being, it is considered to be the most lucrative and evergreen branch …

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AI for Significant Enhancement of Product Design and Development

Over the past few years, innovative technologies have rolled out their potential in the field of product designing and development by showcasing amazing results. By automating complex procedures, technologies like artificial intelligence has already manifested its relevance with the immense capabilities of streamlining product development process. With gaining a huge support from cloud computing, AI …

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