C P Snow and Ethical Free Energy

The following article belongs to research attempting to assist the 21st Century Renaissance, instigated in 2010, and which was derived from the Florentine University’s New Measurement of Humanity Project. For a very specific reason, it has been written in terms that the general public can understand.

Scientific life-energy findings, relating to the lost ancient Greek ‘Science for Ethical Ends’, were made by the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, during the 1980s. The SPIE Milestone Series of the worlds largest technological research institute, IEEE, in Washington, reprinted these findings as being important discoveries of the 20th Century. Scientists associated with these discoveries now consider that the basis of their logic is being wrongly used within the designer drug industry. This is because the original ethical content appears to have been completely ignored. This is considered to be such a serious life or death issue that this layperson article has been written in an attempt to bring this matter to the awareness of the general public.

Although the unusual technicalities cannot be explained to the general public, due to the extremely complex nature of the technology, a more simplified description, alluding to its importance, can be made. This will be followed up by what may be considered a scientific proof statement, showing the enormity of the scientific ethics that are now being globally dismissed.

In 1959, the scientist, Sir C P Snow, during his famous Rede Lecture at Cambridge University, tried to warn the world that the 20th Century technological culture was creating a deadly gulf between the two cultures of science and art. He warned, that unless a bridge was created to cross the gulf between modern science and its original Greek humanitarian ‘Science for Ethical Ends’, which was basic to the ethical Arts, then civilisation would be destroyed. Snow explained that this perilous situation was being caused by a misunderstanding of the law of universal chaos, which Einstein thought was the premier law of all of the sciences.

From that perspective, the Science-Art Centre has selected one of the ethical considerations derived from the ancient Greek ethical science. This is about how the present chaos of science, technology, politics, religion and economics, can be modified for the betterment of the global human condition, through the development of new technologies. In particular, explaining the principles upon which free energy can be made available to every home on earth. This explanation, however, is made in the face of the present global world-view, which is governed by what the scientists, Maria Montessori and her colleague, Tielhardt de Chardin, called the ‘Greed Energy Law’, known also as the law of universal chaos. If this law was allowed to continually rule science, then they considered that such a practice could only lead to repetitive economic chaos and its associated warfare.

Twentieth Century scientific culture was totally governed by this law, which was derived from the mechanical functioning of steam engines. Einstein’s colleague, Sir Arthur Eddington, gave the law a religious twist. He referred to it as the supreme metaphysical law of the entire universe. However, people have emotions, while steam engines do not, and the difference is, as Sir C P Snow explained, one of survival or extinction. Last century, the Max Planck astrophysicist, Peter Kafa, predicted the present economic collapse being caused by an obsession with this law, by scientists, technologists and politicians. Kafka wrote, that when the situation became unbearable and ugly enough, then people would become aware of the logic of a new survival law, relevant to this article.

During the 20th Century, mainstream scientists were unable to discuss how to build a free energy motor, because it defied Einstein’s classification of the universal law of chaos. Fossil fuels lost energy to friction, while all steam engine motors eventually rusted away. Einstein and his colleagues considered that this energy process, belonged to a single energy system, representing the workings of the entire universe. They classified universal chaos, as being about the heat energy from dying star systems being lost into cold space. They thought that some time in the future, the universe would come to a permanent halt, like a cold and rusted out steam engine.

The only way that a free energy motor could possible exist, would be if another universal energy system existed, which interacted with the physical world as depicted in the lost Greek ethical science. Twenty-first Century nanotechnology discoveries have updated the ancient Greek engineering principles, which belonged to their spiritual optical technology, associated with the harmonic forces of an infinite creation, rather that a finite universal destructive chaos. Spiritual ethics is now associated with the holographic functioning of the molecule of emotion, discovered in 1972 by Dr Candance Pert. The new science of quantum biology is about how the emotional energy entangles with Einstein’s physical reality in order to evolve emotional consciousness. These complex principles now appear to be undergoing development within the Designer Drug industry, without any substantial ethical purpose. This would define a state of human devolution, rather that a state of infinite evolution, acting in defiance of the ‘Greed Energy Law’.

Before evidence is presented to demonstrate the functioning of the creative energy system interacting with Einstein’s destructive one, it is possible to give a living biological example of how little we know about the energies of friction. We now know that while life exists, it is supported by both energy systems and the following only alludes to the harnessing of free energy technology.

In 2009, National Geographic Magazine published ‘Proceedings of the Royal Society’s Biological Sciences at Cornell University’. In 2005, Kimberly Bostwick postulated that the male club-winged manakin of South America, used its feathers for producing sound to attract females, as well as for flight and warmth. Laser experiments later proved her to be correct. The friction caused by the extremely high speed rubbing together of fragile bio-mechanisms did not wear out this living sound energy motor.

While this remarkable emotional mechanism is fuelled by the food intake of the bird, it tells us that nature has engineering principles beyond our understanding. For example, the manakin is the only bird with solid wing bones and the evolutionary reasons for this to occur, are well beyond our present science. However, if this musical sound energy is associated with the functioning of the cosmic energy from dying star systems, then we have a technological blueprint to construct a model of the free energy technology, that the Einsteinian fossil fuel world-view prohibited.

In prehistoric times the fatty acids of dead animals often linked up with minerals to create a greasy substance. When this substance was exposed to cosmic radiation from dying star systems, they began to grow into crystalline structures, such as jasper.

Nanotechnology allows us to observes that such crystal growth does not obey the Einsteinian process of universal decay. The functioning of universal holographic reality, entangling with physical reality, creates a crystalline sound energy, which functions in defiance of the greed energy law that governs global scientific culture. This process of the interaction of two universal energy systems appears to be well understood by those controlling the designer drug industry. The Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, wrote that those scientists who do not realise that this interaction is responsible for the infinite evolution of human consciousness, rather than its eventual extinction, are irresponsible tyrants displaying an ignorant apelike mentality.

The Greek ethical science was lost because the early Christian Church was convinced that it was derived from the worship of the sacred geometries belonging to the Babylonian Goddess of prostitution and war, Ishtar. This Goddess was referred to in the Old Testament as the Great Whore of Babylon. However, the Greeks derived their ethical science from the worship of the Egyptian Goddess, Maat, who was held to prevent our world from reverting to chaos. In the words of Florence University’s New Measurement of Humanity Project, ‘It is the time for Quantum Biology’. This became the catch cry of the 21st Century Renaissance, a rebirth of the lost ‘Science for Ethical Ends’.

© Professor Robert Pope,

Advisor to the President Oceania and Australasia of the Institute for Theoretical Physics and Advanced Mathematics (IFM) Einstein-Galilei

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