Car Jobs – Worth the Pay

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General Motors, Toyota, And Nissan are all large auto companies that do more than just make cars. A franchise dealer has employees that make the cars, design them, engineer new car technologies, and then have dealerships that sell and service the vehicles. Independent dealers are also in the mix as they sell used vehicles and service their own cars with different company layouts.

With so many jobs, which ones pay the best in the auto industry? Much like anything else, the sales positions are some of the highest making positions available. As a salesman you will either get paid a commission on the final sales price of a vehicle, or you will get a straight commission fee. Most salesman who get paid a straight fee make anywhere from $400 – $800 dollars per car. In peak season it is not uncommon for salesman to sell 12-17 cars a month. As you can see this is really good money for a salesman.

The next highest paying car job available is to be a manager of other salesmen. As a manager you will oversee how your salesmen are doing and pay them accordingly. You will also be in charge of hiring and firing employees. You can also be a manager of the service department which does very well as well as being a manger of the financing department in your dealership. These management positions are typically always a salary type of position that often have great benefits and very rewarding bonuses depending on how your teams do.

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