The Lexington SC CDV Charge

One of the most prolific criminal charges in Lexington South Carolina is Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV). There are hundreds of individuals throughout the county arrested every month. This article discusses how misdemeanor CDV cases proceed through the Court system. All Lexington County law enforcement departments arrest and prosecute CDV cases. […]

Big Band Swing and the Lindy Hop

Big Band Swing and the Lindy Hop come up together… It was around 1927, it was new and it was hot!… It was big band swing and lindy hop, and it was happening in Harlem at the Savoy Ballroom, New York city. It wasn’t called the Ballroom just because there […]

What is Shared Custody in a Divorce (2)

Steven Spielberg

What is shared custody in a divorce, and just how does it function? Lots of things have to be determined once two celebrations choose that they wish to divorce. One of the most essential and also heavily questioned concerns in a divorce is child custody. Child guardianship in Madison County […]

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