Eagle Eye’s Exit From Searle’s Chinese Room

In connection with “Sensor based-Net controlled” applications, concepts have arisen such as “Internet of Things” and “Web of Things” which aim at interconnecting all things as an intelligent self-configuring wireless network of sensors. The popular film “Eagle Eye” describes a “good-intent, bad-outcome” scenario” of a Supercomputer called ARIIA “Autonomous Reconnaissance […]

Technology – Need of the Hour

The technological innovation has always provided the humanity with the sudden advancement that has always served as the path for progressive developments. The invention of personal computer and availability of internet has totally revolutionized world in impactful manner and has empowered the user at every end with power of ultra-fast […]

Demantra Integration Interface

Steven Spielberg

During the implementation, the client may require data streams from the Oracle EBS into Demantra worksheet which is not populated through standard workflow. To meet such client specific requirement, Demantra has provision in the tool called Business Modeler where you can create custom integration interfaces to populate the custom data […]

What Is Communications Technology?

Steven Spielberg

Broadly speaking, the term ‘communications technology’ can refer to any technology that allows its users to communicate with one another. Using this (admittedly loose) definition, two-way radios and mobile phones fall into the category of ‘communications technology’. The term also refers to computers and computer-related work. Here in the UK, […]

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