Chakra Meditation As a Means of Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit-Soul

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Chakra meditation is the key to physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity. That is because our chakras work as conductors, filtering energy from the heavens and earth so that they can unify. Chakras are literally energy vortexes. The unification of these energies is what forms a chakra. It is a vortex of moving energy, which then stimulates various endocrine organs in the body to secrete hormones into the blood stream. Chakras are depicted as a kind of funnel with smaller funnels inside of that funnel. They are also often compared to appearing like lotus flowers. Many also have intuitively viewed the intake of individual chakras as appearing similar to the blades of a fan or a windmill rotating in circular motion.

Chakras are doors which admit our prana- life energy to flow throughout our aura. Their central purpose is vitalizing the physical body, and to foster awakening of our self-consciousness. They are connected with physical, mental and emotional faculties. There are seven major chakras which are universally recognized.

The aura is generally considered as the eighth chakra. Our first chakra (root) actually extends outside of the body. It is housed in between the thighs…just halfway between the knees and your physical body. The seventh chakra, known as the crown chakra, is situated on the top of the head. The rest of the chakras, (sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, and eye), are arranged in sequence along the spine, neck, and skull. Individually, chakras resemble funnels with petal-like openings. Although chakras are not visible to the human eye, they can be perceived psychically by trained subtle-energy workers.

The Importance of chakra meditation

Having the chakras analyzed and treated by a reputable and experienced person trained in subtle-energy work is a great way of learning how the body operates on a metaphysical level. Metaphysical energy workers that are trained in dealing chakra meditation will be able to tell you which of your chakras are in poor condition, which ones are being overworked, and what you can to alleviate that burden. If, for example, the chakras are performing on a lower level, the rest of the chakras will be forced to pick up the slack. Non-functioning chakras can actually “blow out” an otherwise healthy chakra, which is certainly not good. By analogy, when ones back or hip goes out of alignment, one will take a trip to the chiropractor’s office for an adjustment. Likewise, a metaphysical energy worker that is trained to manipulating the energy flow can assist one in having misaligned chakras adjusted back to functioning condition. It may require a few sessions with a healing practitioner to get energy levels back up to speed. Thereafter, you can take a variety of health actions to help keep the chakras open and functioning optimally, which permits your energy to flow naturally.

Best Methods of Chakra Meditation

I have discovered that the best way of balancing and healing via chakra meditation is with mantra practice. Learning to work with your ‘telekinetic’ mind power within the chakra realms is incredibly effective and powerful. So I think that everyone should learn to work with telekinetic energy within the context of chakra meditation. Perhaps it is so effective because telekinesis also known as ‘PK’ is a scientific fact that has been proven repeatedly at the world’s leading universities and by the world’s top scientists. And,. as the oldest mapping system of human nature, health and behavior, the chakras are also a scientific fact!

My preferred form of yoga is Bhakti and it has the most powerful effect on the chakras in terms of keepig them in the best shape. And even though I am not perfect with my Bhakti practice, it is still incredibly beneficial in my life! The matra practice and vegetarianism is very purifying and really does make a world of difference almost right away. The bottom line is that you can take control over your world by working within the chakra realms. Its that simple. All you need to do is take the next step and learn the most effective chakra meditation techniques. Chakras are also a scientific fact, and that is why they are so effective for addressing areas of our lives that need healing, ‘massage,’ and/or subtle-energy treatment.

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