CMMU Thailand Reinforces World-class ‘Management’ Education Standards in ASEAN Introducing 7 Management Programs Suitable for New Generation Executives

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BANGKOK, Dec. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU) reinforces world-class management education standards with the AACSB accreditation, being one of the 5% of educational institutions accepted worldwide. The CMMU focuses on cultivating potential and preparing ‘new generation executives’ to drive leading businesses and organisations in the ASEAN region, through International Curricula in Management in seven areas: 1. Corporate Finance, 2. Entrepreneurship Management, 3. General Management, 4. Healthcare and Wellness Management, 5. Marketing and Management, 6. Managing for Sustainability, and 7. Management Research.

The College of Management, Mahidol University (CMMU)

The College of Management, Mahidol University (CMMU)

A recent survey showed that the trend for populations in the ASEAN region choosing to study abroad is increasing gradually, with courses that accelerate competitiveness in the global market being popular choices. The first example is data from UNESCO, stating that Indonesians mainly choose business and management courses, while Vietnamese prioritise business courses instead of social science courses. On the other hand, input from the world’s largest university catalog reveals the top five most popular Master’s Degree programs in Thailand are 1. Business, 2. Education, 3. Administration, 4. Management, and 5. Engineering. The strengths that made the CMMU a management school of choice for new generation executives include the following: a ‘Variety of Programs’ – including opportunities to study abroad, management strategy insights from ‘Quality Profile Instructors’, new management skills from ‘Practical Learning’, ‘Good Value for Money’ including double degrees. Those interested in studying for a Master’s Degree in the International Program at the College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU), can apply from today – 24 January 2022 via

Assoc Prof Dr Astrid Kainzbauer, Director of the International Curriculum, College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU) reveals that the CMMU is among the 5% of more than 17,000 educational institutions around the world that have received the AACSB accreditation from the global accrediting institution for business administration education. The CMMU focuses on cultivating the potential of new generation executives with knowledge, expertise and skills to drive leading businesses as well as national and international organisations. The CMMU has continued to develop its curricula to keep up with changes in the business world.

The CMMU Master of Management currently offers specializations in 7 areas:

  1. Corporate Finance (CF) – The changing global context of the 2020s is demanding higher levels of profound expertise for corporate financial managers in Thailand and the Asia-Pacific Region. Financing a corporation is the prerequisite of all its business activities. Managing new strategies for increasing the rate of return of investments (assets), and for being aware of the cost of capital of all financing decisions, is taking on major importance. This applies equally in Thailand, where expertise in financial management in the corporate and public sectors needs to be strengthened. Furthermore, modern financial tools such as derivatives and cryptocurrency are increasingly causing decisions to be made swiftly without the luxury of errors.

  2. Entrepreneurship Management (EN) – Entrepreneurship knowledge helps people in starting up their own business through various concepts, tools, and frameworks that will enable students to: apply fundamental knowledge for the foundation of successful start-ups, identify and evaluate new venture opportunities, create and interpret customer needs and quantify the value proposition, develop winning business plans, navigate the venture capital investment process and identify further sources of financing a start-up, understand geographical and cultural peculiarities in the process of starting up new ventures, scale small businesses and medium enterprises (SMEs) to be globally or regionally successful, transfer (research) knowledge to the market; leverage new science and technologies from Mahidol University laboratories, and enhance experience as an entrepreneur and broaden vital networks with entrepreneurial communities (successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, funding agencies, leading small and medium-sized business owners).

  3. General Management (GM) – The GM specialization prepares students to meet the challenges of the international work arena and gives them a competitive edge to boost their career. The curriculum is designed to give participants a broad perspective in business with an international outlook. A range of specialization courses provide fundamental skills in leadership, project management, business negotiations, cross-cultural management, business creativity and other topics, to help students succeed in the international business world. This comprehensive skill-set covers a view of how companies operate, from crafting a strategy to the management of different business functions, emphasising practical and new business concepts through real-world case studies, business projects, guest speakers and company visits. The GM program also offers an opportunity to study at Toulouse School of Management, France for a double degree in International Management (at no extra cost).

  4. Healthcare and Wellness Management (HWM) – Courses are offered in collaboration with leading practitioners from Siriraj and Ramathibodi hospitals to elevate managerial skills at both industry and corporate levels. A combination of management and communication skills, along with deep understanding of industry and customer insights transform you into a professional health & well-being leader in the healthcare & wellness industry. This comprehensive program offers distinctive practical knowledge, insights into trends and business opportunities through learning from experts and successful leaders through practical learning methods. It also provides strong networks in the healthcare industry, and a variety of company visits.

  5. Marketing and Management (MM) – Marketing is a language, a way to learn about consumer wants and needs and offer them products and services that they desire. What should we make? How should we brand it? What should we say when advertising. By studying marketing at CMMU, MM students will tap into state-of-the-art knowledge and theories from around the world. While many theories are from abroad, they are customised to fit applications within Thai and Asian markets.

  6. Managing for Sustainability (MFS) – Our world is increasingly facing serious problems, partially due to population growth, increasing life spans, pollution, overconsumption and waste, among other things. This course will give you the skills and strategies to better understand corporations, government, and consumers and how to strive towards sustainable production and consumption for the benefit of all.

  7. Management Research (MR) – Research is a valuable, yet often underdeveloped and overlooked skill in the business world. From being able to analyze data and uncover insights to being able to present the findings in ways easily understood by others. This program will sharpen your skills in analysing marketing data, consumer behaviour, and market trends, which will lead to the successful planning of creative marketing strategies that are tailored to target consumers within local markets.

The strengths that make the CMMU a management school of choice for new generation executives include:

  • Variety of Programs’ offering opportunities to study abroad – CMMU offers programs in partnership with leading management institutions from around the world in a variety of fields in the form of exchange programs and double degree programs. In addition to exchange programs with 40 partner universities, CMMU offers double degree programs including Master of Business in Marketing from UTS, the ‘University of Technology Sydney’ and also multiple degree options from Macquarie University, Australia.

  • Management strategy insights from ‘Quality Profile Instructors’ – the CMMU has both Thai and International instructors with knowledge and expertise in management. Most recently, CMMU faculty members were ranked number one in Thailand and 78th in Asia from the “AD Scientific Index 2021”, the World Scientist and Universities Rankings Agency 2021 in Strategic Management. The CMMU also received gold, silver and copper medals, respectively, covering areas including Accounting and Finance, Economics and Econometrics, Entrepreneurship and Business and Management.

  • New management skills from ‘Practical Learning’ – the CMMU emphasises practical learning methods, as well as in-class knowledge exchange with the instructor as a mentor. The CMMU also invites executives from leading organisations/businesses both domestically and internationally as guest speakers to share experiences and issues encountered in business or organisational management. These practical case studies allow students to use the knowledge from the class to analyse and lay out strategies for effective management.

  • ‘Good Value for money’ including double degree opportunities – studying at the CMMU gives access to international double degrees like Master of International Management at TSM Toulouse, a joint program with ‘Toulouse School of Management’, one of France’s top business schools. The CMMU Master of Management program costs 429,000 baht, while the second degree (Toulouse) is free of charge. Also, an exchange semester at one of CMMU’s 40 partner universities worldwide is free of charge.

Those interested in studying for a Master’s Degree, International Curriculum at the College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU), can apply from today – 24 January 2022 via For more information, please contact Tel. +662-206-2000 or via Facebook Page:

SOURCE The College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU)

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