June 6, 2023

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College-bound students and parents, read this

With the media focusing on the proposed “Human Infrastructure Bill,” including the proposal for free community college, a recent report by Bankrate.com on the most and least valuable college majors got my attention — and, if you are college bound, you should be very interested in the report.

Before we get to the report, we should review some of the college-related issues that we have covered in the past, given the high cost of college these days, and the increasing problem of excess and unaffordable student loan debt.

First, it is important for every student to determine whether college is really the right decision for them, based upon things like their interests in academics and otherwise, past academic success, finances, work ethic, etc. It is important to remember that ambitious and hardworking Americans in the trades can make a great living, and they had no college expenses and no student loan debt. I saw and heard a media piece this past week that reported that truck drivers were starting off with salaries in the mid $50,000s. Also, in many other trades, you can get paid in apprenticeship programs while you are learning the trade.