Covira Surgical Named by Business Worldwide Magazine Among Top 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch, 2021

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LONDON, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Covira Surgical has been named by Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM) in its list of Top 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch, 2021. The Chicago based Biotech company has developed an innovative approach using synthetic chemistry to prevent post-surgical infections, placing it among the most disruptive companies in the world.

The BWM list is a celebration of the trailblazing organizations changing the game in their respective industries and altering the corporate landscape. Whether it’s healthcare, banking, industry, construction, energy, or more-these companies are at the cutting edge of breakthrough technologies, innovation, and modernized business structures. Those included have a shared goal of developing revolutionary products and technology that can drive scalable business models and disrupt established industries and markets.

In the USA alone, over 270,000 people die every year from Sepsis, and the USA Healthcare system loses over $34 billion due to Surgical Site Infections (SSI) and Sepsis. These infections are a leading cause of death in hospitals and the most frequent complication among all surgical patients. If this reflects the issue in the USA, one of the most advanced healthcare providers in the world, the global situation is even more serious.

Covira’s proprietary technology builds and enhances the body’s own natural protective capabilities, enabling the company to redefine prevention strategies against post-surgical infections. In the USA alone, the market value of this innovative approach is $8.2billion. It’s an industry that’s full of companies claiming to be able to solve huge medical problems through the power of Artificial Intelligence, but very few are combining that technology with the body’s own capabilities.

What makes Covira unique is that the company leverages the power of the gut microbiome and develops compounds that maintain and enhance it; enabling technology and nature to work together in perfect harmony. The aim is to use the “homegrown” aspects of patients’ own unique microbiomes and build on them, so they can function properly even when subjected to invasive surgical procedures, antibiotics, polypharmacy and prolonged stays in hospital.

Covira’s methods are based on the work of Dr. John Alverdy, MD, a world renowned professor of surgery, gastrointestinal surgeon, and expert on the role the microbiome plays in surgical infection. He has already saved hundreds of lives, and now, as the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Covira, he has the potential to save millions more.

To find out more about the science behind Covira Surgical, visit the company’s website at

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