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With an influx of fresh entrepreneurial pursuits spiking these last couple of years, those in the front seat navigating the terrain of launching a business will undoubtedly experience the ups and downs that come alongside the concept of investing into virtually anything. No matter what kind of project a person undertakes, there will constantly be hills and valleys to power through. It’s in these moments that most people surely figure out sooner rather than later if they are cut for entrepreneurial success or not, either swearing to keep pushing forward or cracking under the weight and giving up. Seasoned podcast veteran Travis Chappell makes a compelling case for pushing through the failures to propel forward in pursuit of success.

Chappell has rode the waves of business for the better part of his life, starting from the ground up working door to door sales and learning heaps from those experiences. Chappell recounts a past failure saying, “My most painful failure was probably back when I was doing door to door and I was managing a team of reps. This was around the time I started to make money online, and I was quickly losing interest in door to door so I wasn’t spending enough time with my reps. Instead of empowering them and putting them in a position to succeed without me, I stopped working and hoped they would continue. Even though I think they did it the completely wrong way, they ended up leaving and I lost my biggest income stream. The lesson I learned was that the difference between a leader and a manager is that a manager tells you what to do from the back. A leader shows you what to do from the front. Be the leader.” All one has to do to see how Chappell has put into action the lesson he learned is take a quick sweep of his social media. Chappell is the host of the wildly successful podcast, Build Your Network, garnering an impressive 2 million downloads. His instagram showcases a 46.5K following attesting to the loyal fanbase he’s built up over the years through his prosperous content weaving through the world’s subjects of topical interest and rostering an expert guest list ranging from the likes of Shaq, Rob Dyrdek, Matt Barnes, Tomi Lahren, etc. While a great portion of his success comes from the testament to his self-built strides, Chappell also leads a talented team maneuvering his most recent venture – a marketplace called Guestio. The software was launched mid-pandemic and built with the intent to position those in the profession of podcasting to a more substantial footing. Guestio opens a floodgate of opportunities for users to book top talent for their shows that they couldn’t otherwise find, and rake in well-deserved revenue for their efforts as they build their brand. The marketplace was, and currently remains, the only solution of its kind to help propel forward those pursuing lifestyles in the show industry and need the platform to help connect with others and build their own network however they desire. 

Between his acclaimed show, inspiring social media content, and the well-versed and blooming Guestio, Chappell encourages others saying, “Action alleviates anxiety and provides clarity. When in doubt, take action. Yes, you’ll fail…probably a lot. But successful people take action anyway, then they adjust, gain clarity, and take more action. Don’t be afraid of failure. Expect it, and take action anyway.” Action produces results. Regardless of how the initial outcome looks, it’s the first step of taking action that brings forth a step in the direction one is headed. The pursuit forward begins with a single step, and Chappell has made it that much easier for those daring to take the step by offering Guestio as a means to build your own network. Though Chappell remains confident of the tried and true method utilizing one’s failure to achieve immense opulent success and offers that this success begins even more so with how you think: “Mindset is everything. Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right. It all starts in your mind. This is why networking is so important. The number one factor that contributed to my ability to think bigger than myself was getting around high level people and being a fly on the wall. The way they communicate, the numbers they talk about, the people they know—it’s all way bigger than I had ever thought. You can only achieve to the level that you believe you can.”

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