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In a number of industries today, there is a need for the deposition of fluids on to different products. For example, in automotive industries manufacturers need to deposit reflective paint coatings on to the lights of different cars. Also, solar panels have vapor-deposited paint on their surfaces. Sometimes, it is even necessary to deposit an insular coating of a dielectric on certain products. These days, more and more chemicals are being created, with favorable properties for deposition. One such chemical is known as Parylene.

It is a generic term; it is a trade name which is given to a certain group of polymers that are used as protection for a wide range of surface strata like glass, metals, resin, plastics, papers and ceramics. It has a number of very desirable properties. For example, it has very good dielectric strength. Also, it is highly resistant to moisture, solvents and atmospheric gases. It has very high volume and surface resistivity. What is more, the electrical properties are independent of temperature.

It is known as a conformal polymer, used for protective coating. There are a number of advantages with the process. One of them is that the coating is deposited micron by micron, which means that it can get into any pinholes, crack and crevices in the product. It is vacuum deposited, and the process is carried out at room temperature, and no curing is required. Besides, if sensitive parts are involved, no thermal or mechanical stresses need be applied.

When critical components are involved in advanced engineering in any field, Parylene is the ideal coating solution. This is because the protective coating needs to be conformal and distributed evenly throughout the surface without any defects.

Usually, conformal coatings are either sprayed or dipped on the product. But this results in the edges pulling away, known as edging. Other problems are the formation of bubbles, bridging and gapping. Besides, coating by spray or dipping creates a layer which is sensitive to mechanical and thermal stresses, which means that the overall productivity is reduced.

A Parylene coating is the best way to get around all these issues. These days there are companies which will provide conformal Parylene coatings in such a way that as your products get smaller, the coating gets better. Besides, it is not always necessary to coat a product completely. Some companies have developed methods of selective coating by which you can decide which portion of your work piece needs to be coated. After the coating process, there is a proprietary machine visual system, which will probe the deepest corners of the product, making sure that every molecule is coated properly. This is part of the quality control standard that companies employ.

In case you are looking for protection for semi conductors, these companies have lines for high-volume processing, which means that any requirements you have will be fulfilled.

If you are worried about the conditions in which medical devices are manufactured, a lot of these companies have clean rooms where hygiene is diligently maintained.

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