Grim Reaper Drawings – How to Draw a Dark Reaper

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The grim reaper is the classic icon of death, through the years this idea of a dark robed skeletal figure that comes to collect the souls of the dead and the dying just seems to be quite popular to draw by many artists. Here we shall go over some sketching steps to draw a grim reaper from first sketch to a fully inked and shaded reaper drawing.

Now to draw a reaper, you need to have an idea of what one looks like, and if you want to draw the skull face and the skeletal bones of the standard grim reaper design then it is best to have a few pictures to review on your computer or actual examples from a book or magazine to get you into the spirit of drawing these dark popular visions, once you know how to draw something after numerous attempts, you won’t really need reference material.

Sketching starts at a very basic level to mark in a rough robed figure, who could appear like he’s floating or standing tall, it’s up to you, although it is best to try and get all of your important design elements to fit all on the page as you don’t want anything that disappears off the page, we want a nice quick sketch of something we can work on further, a rough guide if you will, one that will prompt us to build on the drawing and develop it more.

The following step you will find that the pencil lines that you draw have to become darker and more defined to build up your grim reaper drawing like a sculpture one organized sketch at a time. Some minor details are added, albeit rather sketchy, but they serve as marker points for you to expand the development process in the next step, the details that are drawn in are the skull face or the eyes if you just want the eyes to show under a dark hood, and the scythe can be cleaned up later by illustrating its sharpness.

On the third stage of any drawing, you start to finish off and darken with shading any areas, that you feel must remain dark, as some of these can be inked as all the pencil lines should erased be to clear up the smudges and other rough pencil marks that you used to draft your grim reaper drawing, adding shading to all the folds of the robe works very well and any other area that requires some shading action.

Grim reapers are drawn in many possible ways, so don’t feel limited about the way you have read how to draw them here, a grim reaper is just dark and deathly and is different for every unique imagination that wants to create a piece of reaper art.

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