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If you’re keeping up with the digital world, you’re probably aware that having a company website isn’t enough. Businesses no longer rely on website banners, roadside banners, email marketing, Facebook/newspaper advertisements, and other traditional methods to attract clients.

Mobile applications are now widely recognised as playing a significant part in the development of interactions between businesses and their consumers. In fact, by being just a “tap” away, mobile eCommerce apps are well-known for getting to know their clients better. Business owners may target clients at any time and from any location with an eCommerce mobile app.

Let’s look at some statistics that show how important mobile is in the eCommerce business.

  • In the United States, about 35% of customers use their mobile devices to make online purchases.
  • In fact, while buying in-store, US shoppers use their mobile phones to compare pricing.
  • Around 72.9 percent of eCommerce sales are expected to be produced via mobile in 2021.
  • Furthermore, despite mobile sites, 78 percent of users prefer to visit a store via mobile applications.
  • Ten percent of an eCommerce store’s income is generated by ten percent of its consumers.

What are the advantages of a mobile eCommerce app?

All of the above facts may have left you wondering why people prefer mobile applications over desktop programmes while purchasing online. How does mobile shopping vary from browsing on a mobile browser or visiting a desktop site?

So, don’t worry too much. Today, we’re going to talk about why people use eCommerce apps to shop and why you should consider implementing one for your online business. So, let’s get started before you plan to hire ecommerce app builder:

Increased brand awareness

Increased brand visibility is one of the most compelling reasons to design a mobile eCommerce app. It’s also the most significant benefit of mobile commerce.

Because most people spend a lot of time on their phones, firms can easily engage with their customers by using a mobile eCommerce platform. Small displays upset users more quickly; in fact, according to statistics, 32% of app users would abandon an app if it is difficult to use. This results in a negative user experience. As a result, businesses should provide customers with the highest quality and most user-friendly mobile app experience possible.

Marketing communication has improved.

Customers may now keep in touch with brands 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to mobile devices. Users’ interactions with companies, information, and shopping have all enhanced as a result of these mobile gadgets. Customers are increasingly preferring to purchase online utilising their mobile devices. As a result, it’s critical for firms to include such gadgets into their marketing strategies. This will help to improve the way the brand interacts with its customers.

To harness the potential of connected customers, marketers must engage them on a regular basis through mobile eCommerce. Apart from keeping customers engaged to the business, mobile commerce may also be used to more efficiently give them offers, discounts, and coupons.

Improved visitor interaction

Make sure you’re aware that you can use your customers’ gadgets as well. To make navigation easier and boost client engagement, you may combine the functionality of users’ phones with your app.

  • GPS

It enables an app to obtain the user’s current position. You may implement a feature that geotags the customer’s address to avoid the need to manually enter shipping information.

  • Camera

Many websites now allow customers to take photos of their purchases and publish them to the store’s social media profiles via applications. This allows you to see the items in person, perhaps increasing the chances of a successful sale.

  • Microphone

You may also help your users express what they’re looking for, making the search process easier.

Increase the value of the average order

It’s not simple to pinpoint what encourages clients to spend more money when shopping on your eStore, but here are a few elements to consider.

  • Notifications through push

As previously said, it reminds customers of special discounts, specials, or deals, as well as when an item returns to stock.

  • Payment is simple.

You can provide a variety of payment alternatives. Allow them to add whatever credit or debit card they wish for quick transactions.

  • Ordering with a single click

Checkout is made easier by the app’s clean and straightforward design. As a result, you should provide your consumers with a single-button ordering option.

Increased number of loyal customers

Customers spend hours on mobile applications, so make sure your business provides product information, contact information, and encourages them to purchase. Here are a few ideas for using a mobile eCommerce app to increase client loyalty.

Keeping a consistent brand value on a mobile platform by maintaining an appealing layout and style so that your consumers grow accustomed to it. Conduct loyalty programmes, such as incentives, discounts, a new collection, specials, and bonuses, to encourage your customers to return. Maintain a constant line of contact between your brand and customers to answer their questions via chatbot or live chat.

Boost Your Retention Rates

Let’s look at some great methods to use your mobile app to boost customer retention.

  • Content that is only available here
  • You can put in place deals that they can only get through a mobile app.
  • System of Rewards

By implementing loyalty programmes, you may encourage your consumers to return. It might be in the form of a points system that they can use to win a free item, early access to a new season’s collection, or discounts on future purchases.

Advanced Support As far as customer service goes, it goes a long way. You should ensure that your consumers and your shop are in constant communication. Customers should only be provided fixes to their difficulties in the app through chatbot or live chat, even if they move to the desktop version.


We all know that it’s not simple for any eCommerce site to succeed, but you should take advantage of each possibility that might help you achieve your business objectives.

You may determine if it’s the appropriate and finest decision for you based on all of the aforementioned arguments supporting the growth of enterprises that integrate eCommerce mobile applications. 

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