How to Eat For Maximum Health

One might think that this heading is somewhat superfluous and childlike but many diseases are the result of, not only improper foods, but also the manner in which they are eaten.

Advantages of raw food include healthy teeth and gums and freedom from that most pernicious of our 21st C diseases symptoms – Constipation.

Eat slowly – one mouthful at a time. The act of placing one’s knife and fork down while chewing the food will suggest a relaxed manner of eating.

Some say that the process of eating is a spiritual time, that it is a time to give thanks for those substances that sustain us and allow us to perform our duties. If this is so, then perhaps eating should be done in a state of grace and humility.

Eat out of doors whenever possible. The union of good food, air and sunshine create a palate and table fit for royalty.

The practice of eating in front of the television, as subscribed to by the “television dinner set” is definitely not conducive to ease of digestion.

Meal times should be accompanied with light and positive conversation. To ensure that the environment during meal-time is harmonious – leave emotions of anger, frustration and bitterness at the door before entering the dining room.

Do not eat when emotionally upset. There is no way that proper digestion can proceed when the digestive secretions have been suspended by an emotional catharsis.

Horace Fletcher (1849-1919) – nicknamed ‘The Great Masticator’ – was a well known and influential food and health faddist in early 20th century North America.

He perfected and taught that all food must be deliberately masticated and not swallowed until it turned to liquid. He believed that prolonged chewing precluded overeating, led to better systemic and dental health, helped to reduce food intake, and consequently – conserved money.

Note: If you are serious about losing weight and have difficulties in ‘pushing away from the table’ – then chew, chew, chew.

The strongest muscles in the body are the jaw muscles.

After a good work-out – a muscle ‘feels’ tired’ and wants to rest.

So – exercise those ‘chew muscles’ – this is the great secret of how to curb overeating.

All the best in your eating habits,

Kevin Hinton

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