How to Screen Print T-Shirts

It’s not hard to learn how to screen print t-shirts. The step-by-step instructions are rather intricate and can take a while to master. Be sure to read up on the process you want to use and to research different types of craft kits that will aid you in the process. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind while designing screen print t-shirts.

Map Out a Game Plan

Do first things first! You’ll need to have instructions or a video handy of the screen printing process. Next, purchase or gather a kit and any additional supplies you’ll need. Then clear off a work area where you can lay out your supplies and give yourself room to create the t-shirts. Be sure to have many extra newspapers to line the work area and in case you need to wipe off any excess paint or ink.

Pick the Design

The main focus of the screen print shirts is the design, which serves as the focal point for the t-shirt. You can either trace designs that you find online or come up with your own. If you’re not great at drawing, surf the Web for images that you can combine into unique designs. Consider using an image editing program on your computer to resize images or to lay out your design. You can print out your project on a piece of computer paper and then use that to create the printing screen.

Printing Tips

While following the steps, remember to place a piece of thin cardboard between the front and back of the t-shirt to prevent the ink from soaking through it. When you’re finished, be sure to let the t-shirt dry overnight. After that, give it a quick wash in the washing machine before wearing. Screen printing also works on cotton tank tops, napkins, tablecloths and other items made from cotton.

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