Identifying Talents Early

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The Straits Times newspapers on 25 October 2008, carried an article for which Minister Mentor of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, advocates that talents be identified early as a vital strategy of human resources development.

Minster Mentor Lee is widely respected internationally for his astute governance of Singapore, leading her from third world to first world within a short time of 40 years. His golden words epitomize immense foresight and wisdom for which I could not agree more.
As a Ba Zi cum Zi Wei Dou Shu ZWDS practitioner, I have been such an advocate and been helping clients and readers identify their talents early so they can have a head start in their career. Expertise in both these Chinese Astrology art is required to accurately identify the potentials of the person in question.
Ba Zi can be used to identify the luck changes over time, the general capabilities and the suitable industries as a form of big picture analysis. Thereafter, we can zoom in using Zi Wei Dou Shu to identify his intricate character, ability and environmental influence on him.
I have previously written an article titled “Quick way of determining Forte and Character Using Month of birth”. Readers may like to search for it to give them a broad view of the suitable industries for a particular person. To refine it further, I encourage readers to visit my forum website to enquire what stars resides in their Zi Wei Dou Shu ZWDS Life and Career Palace. 
If this 2 palace of their ZWDS contains a Transformed Authority (Hua Quan in Chinese) Star, they will be well suited to a career that let them exercise their authority. If these palaces of their ZWDS house a Transformed Literary (Hua Ke in Chinese) Star, it means they are suited to be in the academic fields, statutory boards or other fields that deals with documents and contracts. If these palaces of their ZWDS house a Transformed Opportunity (Hua Lu in Chinese) Star, they are suited to be in fields that will leverage on the help and opportunities given by others. Typically, the fields of businessman (dealing in high margin low volume products) and brokerage will fall into this category. Lastly, if these palaces of their ZWDS house a Transformed Avoidance (Hua Ji in Chinese) star, one should look for a career that takes up a lot of time and effort like businessman (dealing in low margin high volume products) or requires them to be hands-on like junior executives or assistants.
Besides the above set of 4 Transformed stars, we need to consider another set of 14 main stars to further refine the career that is most suitable for one. As it becomes very technical and meticulous to discuss these stars on an article like this, I encourage interested readers to visit my forum website for write-ups on these 14 main stars.

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