Importance of Bug Testing Software in Software Development

Quality assurance is the most important factor in any business or industry, and software development industry is no exception. For getting appropriate quality output in software development it is important that software quality assurance process be followed in each phase (Planning, Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Integration & Test, Implementation and Maintenance) of the software development lifecycle.

Quality of a software product can be ensured only by effective bug testing. In the competitive market, only a quality product can exist for a long time. One more important reason for doing quality assurance is that the user and production environment will be completely different from the development environment.

To develop bug free software applications, writing good test cases is essential. Though manual testing is very common and convenient in small to medium software development projects, it is not good if all the validation is done manually as it has its own constraints – manual methods take more time and effort and it is difficult to manage, and also it not consistent or repeatable. So it is better to automate the process using these tools.

There are several reasons why Bug Testing software is important.

• In case of manual testing, there will be lot of possibilities for human errors such as wrong input data due to typos, ignorance of the actual behavior of the system, some test case executions being overlooked or left out.

• Another important factor is that the software will generate scripts that can be used as a way of storing project knowledge gained by the engineers. This will help the new software engineer gain project knowledge to enhance/update the automation scripts further.

• It should also have the feature for storing screenshot of each and every page navigated during the execution. So that it can be used as a proof for automation.

• The very important advantage of using the software over manual testing is execution speed. Script execution can be completed quickly. So ultimately the total time needed can be reduced which will significantly help for timely project completion.

• It is also very helpful in comparing large amounts of data between a previous version and the current version as a part of regression testing. Practically it may not possible to do it manually.

Characteristics of effective Bug Testing Software

• Selecting a robust bug software package is a very challenging and important step, and one which often poses enterprise-wide implications. Some basic guidelines for selecting and evaluating software tools for different phases include:

• Effective automation tool is the one that manages the entire process, provides organization with appropriate validation components, and creates meaningful end-user and management reports.

• The architecture of the tool should be open to support interaction with other technologies such as defect or bug tracking packages.

• It should have the ability to support testing within the scope of a web browser. The tests created for Internet or intranet-based applications should be portable across browsers.

• The software should be able to function with a variety of user interfaces and create simple-to manage and easy-to-modify validation scenarios.

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