Importance of Paper Designing in Leatherwork

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Designing is an important step that ensures the success of any article.The truth is that the leather material for the production of items are costly and as such, a leather craftsman cannot just experiment with it, thus, paper is used to test the feasibility of a particular design before it comes to life using leather. Detailed merits of paper designing prior to actual three-dimensional production in leather sounds professional and advantageous for many reasons,some of which have been dealt with in this article.

1. It helps us to generate various unique and original designs from which articles can be produced- Designing takes several phases or stages in their development which some designers’ term as idea development. This systematic development ensures that original designs which are not already in existence are created.

2. It helps designers in incorporating client’s preferences into the design of the article- When articles are carefully planned and designed, it gives designers the opportunity to include the taste of customers with respect to colour, shape, form, etc. in the design. This deepens the trust that clients have in the leather craftsman, paving the way for commissioned future projects.

3. It helps designers to visualize the final outlook of the product- Designing of products before they are actually produced help designers to first preview how the product to be produced will look like. Thus, when shown to clients saves designers from unpleasant surprises from clients.

4. It helps us to make corrections before the preparation of templates and the cutting of leather- If designs are first generated before actual production, corrections can be conveniently made before it’s too late. When designs are made and shown to clients before actual production, the changes the client wants the designer to make can be easily carried out.

5. It saves time and resources- All the toils and difficulties that result in the production of articles is mainly due to the failure of leather craftsmen in taking ample time to plan and design the article. However, all the efforts in designing is time worthier. This is largely true because the time and resources that would be wasted if a mistake is committed would be far greater than the time that was spent in designing.

Owing to the enormous advantages of designing products before their actual production, the author of this book is advocating that a product in leatherwork must not be produced if the paper work (design) is not carefully and properly carried out.

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