• September 23, 2023

Introducing Sumedh Basani, The Entrepreneur who is dominating the industries of finance, consulting and marketing all at once

Introducing Sumedh Basani, The Entrepreneur who is dominating the industries of finance, consulting and marketing all at once
(Photo : Sumedh Basani)

Sumedh Basani is a rare breed of entrepreneur and has built multiple businesses from scratch. His vision, determination and work ethic combine to create his dreams into a reality. A big player in the insurance and financial services industry, Sumedh Basani has pushed his company Basani Financial to the top of the list. On his way to the top he’s created his very own marketing firm called 11th Story Media, which has helped multiple businesses grow in the greater Cleveland area.

Sumedh’s newest platform is the Thoughtcast, a consulting/coaching brand that provides valuable content to help people in the areas of their personal relationships, lifestyle, and business needs. Sumedh’s experience in building his companies and coaching his employees has allowed him to become an expert in the private consulting space. He has now taken his talents public and is helping people all over the world with his social media platforms and podcasts.

His presence on social media gains him 20 million views per week, and his goal is to make a difference in people’s lives for the better. Sumedh’s commitment to his process has seized the attention of many prominent figures, celebrities, and athletes. His extreme growth and brand domination has allowed him to revolutionize the consulting business and create real results with his clients in multiple areas.

Sumedh’s focus on holistic growth promotes growth in all aspects in life; health, wealth and happiness. As a result, Sumedh’s coaching not only involves mental stability and mindset training, but also guidance in the financial, emotional, and spiritual arenas of life. This process brings his recurring clients a high level of growth and a complex understanding of their weaknesses and strengths.

Sumedh is a prime example of someone who follows their vision with true passion and the desire to solve problems. Not only has he propelled himself in the financial industry, but he’s been able to become a heavy player in two other industries. This impressive feat comes as a result of Sumedh’s unrelenting work ethic. He dedicates 7 days a week to building his business empire and compromises at nothing to get the job done. He is definitely the entrepreneur to watch out for in 2022 and many years to come.

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