June 7, 2023

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It Happened in Crawford County: Steve and Michelle Ritzhaupf

Michelle and Steve Ritzhaupf

Steve and Sean Ritzhaupt are the sons of Don and Mindy, a former Edward Jones adviser. The family lived south of North Robinson.

Steve played football, basketball and baseball at Colonel Crawford and remembers Mike Cauley and Dan Gorbett as good coaches, good men and good examples. Steve was president of senior choir and also sang in the Epworth Church choir.

After graduation in 1988, he went to Ohio State University and graduated in 1993 with a degree in business finance.

Next, he interviewed with Edward Jones and was hired in its branch in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he trained to be a financial adviser. The company often would fly him in and out of St. Louis for advanced training.

Love blooms over country music trivia

On one of those trips, while dining with friends, he met Michelle Minton, a young teacher. She was out with her friends, minding her own business. Steve overheard them trying to remember a song. He says he’s a trivia guy full of useless information and knew it was an old country song. He leaned over to her table and named the song, which led to their friendship.