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Although both Kimberly Rasmussen and Elizabeth Wixom Johnsen boast interior design’s educational accolades, nothing can replace 25 collective years of experience, as well as an eye for style and the ability to discern the needs and desires of each client. Their company, Establish Design, employs every aspect of creating custom homes—from architecture to interior details to furnishings.

“We offer a true collaboration from architecture down to accessories. Our projects are tailored to a life, a story and a vision,” says Kimberly, who sees the opportunity for refinement in every space—offering clients a gathering of treasured fabrics and custom furniture, art and accessories—all with the aim of elevating and enhancing the established vision at hand. “This isn’t about getting through a to-do list, we offer an exhilarating journey to clients where their vision fuses with our expertise to create something special.” Co-owner and Principal Design partner, Elizabeth, agrees, adding that the process of creating a thoughtful home is thrilling not just for the client, but for the entire team. “Each detail is weighed in the balance of the realization of someone’s vision,” she says. “A home is not simply made of sticks and bricks but built by breathing life into ideas and dreams.”

The designers founded the company, formerly Elizabeth Kimberly Design, in 2006 after recognizing not just a common aesthetic but also a common set of values. Guided by their love for family, friends and all things beautiful, they saw new potential for growth working side by side. Elizabeth had spent years working as an interior designer for an established firm while Kimberly’s training in business administration and finance, as well as in interior design helped them meet the ever-growing demand and bring on top-of-their-craft team members. 

People are the most important element in the home design process. “Some clients come with clear ideas and desires and look to us to distill the many fragments into a clearly established, consistent vision for their project,” Elizabeth says. “Other clients look to us to present possibilities from which they can adopt and create a style all their own. Nothing brings more joy than to create for your family a place that will nurture and build your loved ones for years to come. Carefully considering dreams, tastes, values, memories and traditions set us on the path of creating homes that speak of our clients and their people” 

Kimberly says she considers caring for her family of six as one of her highest qualifications. “Nothing beats practical experience when choosing items or personalizing design solutions,” she says. “I always have efficiency, longevity and operation in mind.”    

The company’s growth over the past 15 years is celebrated with a new building in the Millcreek area, with competition anticipated for next spring.

Establish Design
3233 S. 900 East, SLC
Instagram: @establishdesign

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