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No matter what level of playing you’re at now or which musical instruments you may know how to play, learn piano blues and you’ll be much better off for it. As someone who spends a lot of time playing the saxophone and writing music I have found learning to play the piano invaluable for musical ideas, arranging for other instruments and just plain fun and relaxation. Not to mention being able to accompany other performers when the opportunity comes up.

Learn piano blues and you have also learned many other of your favorite rock and roll songs as well since that style developed out of blues music and so the two styles are harmonically very close.

Another great thing about being able to play some kind of blues piano is that you can learn a couple fairly easy patterns on each hand and as you become more comfortable with them before you know it you can quickly develop them into patterns that are slightly more technical and before you know it you’re playing some very decent boogie woogie too.

The boogie style came directly out of the blues and is one of the best ways for a pianist to show what they can do. This style of blues with a bit of speed is very impressive.

I learned by standing behind and beside some of my piano player friends and just watched what they did with their hands. Watching from above you can really see what’s going on with both hands and how these repetitive riffs are being executed.

It’s amazing how easy it can be when you break it down and take it slow. Then, like anything else, with a little daily practise comes the speed and dexterity. Sure, kids usually pick it up quicker than adults but anyone who has the desire to learn can do it regardless of age.

So, learning to play blues music on the piano is not only very basic technically but is also a great spring board for other styles like gospel and jazz. Even if you only learn to play the blues think of the fun you’ll have next time there’s a jam session opportunity… you know what they say; Blues is the international language of music.

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