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The Germ Theory – A Fallacy

With few exceptions, there has been little done to expose the fallacy of the present medical ‘Germ Theory.’

A few years ago, Doctor Glen Dettman of Melbourne wrote an excellent monograph entitled MICROZYMAS PLEASE NOT BACTERIA, exposing the fallacy of the germ theory.

Perhaps the most important book on this subject was BECHAMP OR PASTEUR, by Ethel Douglas Hume, published many years ago by the C. W. Daniel Co. of London.

In her admirable book M/s Hume goes into great detail and traces the history of the development of the germ theory as promoted by the well-known Louis Pasteur and compares it with the Microzyma theory as taught by the lesser known Professor Antoine Bechamp.

Pasteur was a plagiarist and showman who published some of the work of Bechamp as his own in an inaccurate, distorted and truncated form to give the scientific world an incorrect impression of Bechamp’s discoveries.

The Microzyma theory is a scientific, logical and believable extension and development of the incomplete germ theory.

On his deathbed Louis Pasteur recanted and admitted that he had been wrong all along. He admitted that the determining factor in disease causation was not the bacteria present but the soil in which it was found.

Pasteur said, “Bernard was right: the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything. “A word of explanation is necessary to clarify the statement of Pasteur, which might otherwise be unintelligible.

The “Bernard” referred to was Claude Bernard, the eminent physiologist who claimed, in opposition to Pasteur, that the microbe or germ was not the prime factor in the cause of disease, but that the “terrain” was all-important.

By “terrain” was meant the environment or soil or scene of activity in which the germ found itself.

So, on his deathbed Louis Pasteur admitted that all along he had been mistaken.

The germ, which was present at the site of most diseases, did not cause the disease.

He admitted belatedly that the soil in which the germ was enabled to survive and flourish was the all-important factor.

Unfortunately, this recantation was too late and was given no publicity, and it remains unknown to the average person.

The germ theory, which Louis Pasteur had propagated so assiduously, had become an integral part of the theory and practice of medicine – And, that is the position today.

It is necessary for those who know better to periodically bring under the notice of interested parties the truth about the germ theory.

Kevin Hinton

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