QR Codes on Bikes: How They Revived the Biking Industry

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Bikes are on the rise yet again since the pandemic stalled public transportation in most parts of the world. With more advanced tech such as QR codes for bikes, the industry is regaining momentum and becoming a more practical option for many.

At the same time, an advanced QR code generator online is packed with all the features needed to encourage more people to scan these customized QR codes. Using QR codes has been very beneficial in revitalizing the biking industry.

Take a look at how QR codes for bikes, along with other factors, have helped the industry thrive once again.

QR codes for bike parts

The rise of the biking industry also means the rise of fake bike parts. This isn’t good, not only because you get subpar quality, but also because they’re possibly hazardous. That’s why companies are trying their best to combat fake products through QR codes.

Shimano, a Japanese bike parts company, is fighting counterfeit parts through QR codes for labels. The code includes a unique serial number, which can only be accessed by breaking the outer seal on the label.

To authenticate the bike parts, consumers simply have to scan the app store QR code through the Shimano Product Authentication, available to download both on iOS and Android. Once scanned, the message “verified” will be displayed to ensure genuine parts.

QR codes for bike rentals

Bike rentals have also skyrocketed in popularity, especially in tourist destinations around the world. It’s a good initiative to make biking more accessible, but it has also opened an opportunity for thieves. Instead of returning them once done, some people may bring them home or maybe even resell them.

Through QR codes, bike rental companies can trace the whereabouts of the bike and the identity of the renter. With the incorporation of IDs to be presented to start renting, it ensures the bike rental companies of your credibility as a renter.

For most companies, QR codes for bike rentals are integrated through mobile apps that can be downloaded on iOS and Android. You will then be asked for a photo of your ID and a selfie to verify your identity. This ensures the biking rental company that you’re a legitimate renter.

QR codes for service details

Bikes are subject to severe wear and tear, so it’s important to do maintenance routinely. This ensures you have a smooth ride on the road and prevent breakdowns as much as possible. To monitor the maintenance of your bike, using QR codes can be helpful to ensure the maintenance is on time.

These QR codes can be used by maintenance and repair shops to detail the last date of maintenance work, the procedures done, the materials used, the parts replaced, and more. By using dynamic QR codes, these can be updated to the latest maintenance work.

QR codes can be used in other industries, too!

The biking industry is simply one of the many industries that have benefitted from QR codes. From manufacturing to marketing, using a QR code generator with logo software for business materials is easy to implement and very versatile.

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