Reasons to Buy A Plasma Machine: Supercharge One’s Working Projects

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A plasma cutting machine is an excellent addition to any worker’s toolbox. If one is looking for an efficient way to cut through metal, paper or even plastic sheets with precision and accuracy, then plasma machine india is for them.


Plasma cutting can be more efficient than oxyfuel cutting on thicker materials. A plasma cutter uses compressed air to blow a jet of hot, ionized gas (known as plasma) through a focused nozzle at high speed. This super-heated plasma is able to melt through metal much faster, usually half or even one-third the time for oxyfuel. The heat from the plasma also helps keep the workpiece cooler while they’re working on it, so there’s less chance it will warp and distort during cutting. In fact, some higher-end cutters include “torch-on-demand” features that allow them to set an iron electrode into the puddle of melted metal for localized heating and welding tasks.


Plasma is far less messy than oxyfuel because it doesn’t use oxygen to cut, so dust isn’t an issue. That means they don’t need to wear a respirator or protective glasses, clothes or gloves while they work. Plasma cutters are considered “clean” machines by the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), meaning that methods used with plasma cutting aren’t as hazardous as those for traditional welders, torches and other metalworking processes. In addition, all of their pieces will be “swept clean” as each one is finished thanks to the fast-moving plasma stream, which melts debris into slag-on contact rather than depositing it on the work-piece.


Plasma cutting equipment is also faster than oxyfuel systems. Plasma cutters can make very long, straight cuts with speeds up to 50 inches per second (127 cm/sec). Oxyfuel torches can be significantly slower, depending on material thickness, with speeds ranging from 0.1 in (2.5 mm) to 1 in (25 mm) per second.


Parts cut by plasma usually have smooth edges and better surface finishes than those cut by oxyfuel or even lasers, which can sometimes result in unwanted heat damage around the corners of a cut.


Plasma cutting is extremely versatile because it can handle a wide range of material thicknesses and types, from very thin sheet metal to very thick plate steel up to 3/8-inch (9.5 mm) or more. It can work on stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium and mild steel with excellent results. In addition to flat sheets, plasma cutters let them make sturdy cuts in rods and angles up to 3/4-inch (19 mm) thick.


Plasma cutters tend to be more easily serviced and maintained than oxyfuel systems. Plasma cutters produce higher heat and pressure, but they require fewer moving parts and wear out far less frequently than oxyfuel torches.


Plasma cutters typically offer a long service life compared to other types of metalworking equipment — up to ten times longer in some cases. That means they may need to replace them far less often than oxyfuel or electric plasma units, which is better for the bottom line at their business.

These were some intriguing reasons to buy plasma machines from trusted plasma machine manufacturer.

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