Repairing a ‘Sick’ Business

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I often say to employers – if you want to get the most out of your business then you must build a strong foundation.

The foundation in ALL business is the people that operate it.

If an employee is sick – all efforts must be directed toward restoring the energy of that individual – Only in that way will we arrive at a ‘Win-Win’ situation.

If we feel tired, we aren’t performing at our optimum or we notice interference with that which we want to do – then we are faced with two choices.

1. Whip it!!! – stimulate the system to do more than it is capable of at the moment.

2. Rest and conserve energy.

During times of stress, overwork and illness we must ask ourselves –
– Do I stimulate myself, or
– Do I rest and allow my body to re-charge and repair itself?

And before you answer or comment on these questions I know what many of you are about to say-

How can I rest?
– the boss needs…
– the kids need…
– the payments on such and such are needed.

The tendency in to-day’s ‘hustle/bustle with no time for anything’ environment is to disregard the logic of rest and to continue to soldier on

Fortunately, the body has tremendous powers of recuperation and regardless of how we punish and push it – it will always strive to maintain its integrity.

However, if we continue to push the body past its limits, eventually it will cease to have the energy to heal itself.

We become ‘chronic’ – we begin to harden and we stop having ‘healing crises’

In other words – we stop getting sick.

It is during this stage of our health that I hear things like – “Oh you’re lucky, you never get sick.”

A very wise gentleman once told me that in matters of health, it is not wise to let ‘luck’ be the determining factor in success or failure.

At the first sign of illness – whether it be physical, physiological or mental – we should STOP and rest.

The only successful program that I can recommend to the CEO of any organization during times of personnel stress is to allow the employee to take the ‘Rest Cure.’

The small investment of time needed to allow an employee to recuperate will pay off in huge dividends down the track.

All the best for your health and happiness,
Kevin Hinton

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