Replacing Tires With New Ones. When Should This Be Done?

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It’s a fact, and every car owner understands it well, that car safety depends on the condition and reliability of the tires. This is because they provide us with good traction and also affect the maneuverability of the car. Therefore, it is very necessary to make sure that car tires are always in perfect condition. And you can anytime perform this inspection using a book car service online in Gurgaon.

Meanwhile, the problem arises when car owners get confused about when to replace the old tires with new ones. Some owners have a common notion that it is based only on the tire’s age or the number of kilometers traveled. Is it really? 

Check the condition of your tires regularly. What should you pay attention to?

If you want to be safer on the road and feel safer, at least once a month, you should perform a thorough inspection of your car’s tires with the help of professional car repair at home in Gurgaon. It is also necessary to pay attention to any alarms while driving. If you feel or hear tires making uncommon noise or vibrating as well as maneuvering becomes complex, this is an evident sign that your car needs immediate attention. 

  1. The age of the tire is one of the most important measures to contemplate while deciding whether to replace the tires with new ones. 
  2. The manufacturing age of the tires can be found on the side. It is worth keeping in mind that this is an essential technical factor. 
  3. It is not just how many years a given tire has been utilized since tires can also lose their performance when not in use. 

You can use a tire for not more than ten years. Thus it is advisable to buy your tires from trusted suppliers only. In such an instance, you can be sure that the product will meet your expectations. 

Monitor tire tread depth

According to the experts, all car owners should regularly check the condition of the tread. According to the land law, it should be at least 1.6mm, but tire specialists still argue that this number is too small. Therefore, if the tire’s tread depth is less than 3mm (for summer tires) or less than 4mm (for winter tires), this is a clear sign that you should start thinking about purchasing new tires. The same thing should be followed if there is an uneven tread surface or with the appearance of cavities on the tire. 

It would be best to replace your tires as soon as possible when you notice all sorts of mechanical damage. Here we are not talking about cracks or punctures but also about bulges that car owners often ignore. Usually, such bulges appear on the sides of the tire. They are often caused by wheel impacts on obstacles (holes in the carriageway, curbs), as well as too low tire pressure. A bulge represents the broken tire’s structure and must be replaced with a new one.

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