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Anthony Mack Jr. is a budding entrepreneur who has used his talent in developing a clothing line to give back to his community — including the kids he wants to inspire.

Mack, a junior business management major at South Carolina State University, presented students on the Principal’s List at Sheridan Elementary School in Orangeburg with T-shirts from his clothing line, Judah Apparel LLC, on Nov. 12.

“I wanted to praise them and give them motivation. I want to give them a vision because with most kids, if they don’t have the vision, then they don’t believe it. So I just want to give back to my community,” Mack said.

“Growing up, I wasn’t the smartest kid. I wasn’t always making the A/B Honor Roll or Principal’s List. So I just want to inspire other kids to try and continue to do what they do,” said the 21-year-old, who also plays football at S.C. State.

Judah Apparel LLC falls under the umbrella of Judah Entertainment.

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“I’m working on a lot more. I have a Judah Foundation, Judah Apparel and different things under it. Judah Foundation is where I want to give back to the community. I’m working on another project, where I’m probably going to take like 15 kids to a Charlotte Hornets game,” Mack said.

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He started his clothing line in February of 2020. It includes not just T-shirts, but other clothing items such as sweat suits and jackets.

“I’m working on some dresses. I’m working on everything,” Mack said, with The Lucky Red line of sweatsuits to be the next release from his clothing line.

The Elloree native said he doesn’t want to grow his business too much right now because he is still in school, but the work on it continues.

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“I’m actually working on a website and everything right now. I’m in school. The business is already moving fast. I do everything myself. So if I do the website right now, I feel like it’s going to go too fast. I still want to play football,” Mack said.

He continued, “I also make music. I got a whole lot of different things going. So I’m just trying to maintain it right now so when I get ready to push it to the next level, I’ll be ready to because I’m game planning. When I do one thing, I got another project lined up behind it. So I’m just trying to keep everything going.” $5 for 5 months

His ultimate goal is to continue to inspire fellow youth in the community he loves.

“My whole goal is to build Orangeburg. I feel like we can change the community if we work as a team and just give people the vision,” Mack said.

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