Tech Entrepreneurs & Influencers to Follow in 2022

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The last couple of years has impacted businesses around the world. The outbreak of the novel CoronaVirus pandemic which is still on the rise has changed the trajectory of various industries, prompting the question; what is next? With the technology market offering sustainable solutions to emerging problems, it has become paramount to acquaint oneself with leading tech entrepreneurs and influencers impacting the industry globally.

This piece will discuss some of the top tech entrepreneurs and influencers to follow in 2022.

Tech Entrepreneurs & Influencers to Follow in 2020

1. Nikita Brudnov

Chief Executive Officer [CEO] at BR GROUP — an all-around platform that produces services and models that aid in the exponential increase of connection between nascent crypto projects and the growing community, Nikita Brudnov is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record. With 10 rewarding years of experience in the booming tech space, 6 of which he spent in sales management and 4 as an active crypto expert, Nikita Brudnov is an innovative tech expert.

Mr. Brudnov has worked with over 650+ companies and projects and currently understands how to meet the evolving needs of these companies as they seek to bridge the gap between them and their target audience.

Nikita Brudnov is currently a member of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs in CIS, as updated and published by Hackernoon.

2. Kevin Rose

Creator of Digg, the social media platform that allows users to share and discuss news topics, Kevin Rose is one of the leading tech entrepreneurs to follow this year. Founder of Revision3—an online-based television network that creates and recommends shows based on the user’s interest, Mr. Rose has tons of years of experience in the tech space.

With a vast knowledge of the industry followed by years of experience, Kevin Rose is one of the perfect entrepreneurs to follow.

3. Brian Armstrong

The last few years have been characterized by an unprecedented interest in cryptocurrencies, thanks to the influx of crypto exchanges and wallets. CEO of Coinbase, one of the foremost and most valuable crypto brands, Brian Armstrong has cemented his stance as one of the best entrepreneurs in the tech and crypto space to follow.

With years of experience as a developer at IBM and serving as a consultant at Deloitte, Mr. Armstrong possesses an unwavering understanding of the crypto space and regularly shares this information with followers across all of his active social media pages. Bridging the gap between people and cryptocurrencies through Coinbase, Brian Armstrong is an ideal tech entrepreneur to have on your timeline.

4. Justin Sun

Founder and CEO of TRON, a crypto platform that’s at the forefront of the fight to drastically reduce the cost of transferring assets in the crypto industry, Justin Sun is currently one of the brightest and most followed CEOs in the tech space.

Sharing unrivaled, unbiased, and unique views about the trillion-dollar crypto market, Justin Sun is a blessing to his followers. His constant giveaways and interactive sessions with followers make him one of the gems in the technology and crypto spaces.

5. Vitalik Buterin

Founder of the premier decentralized applications platform, Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin is a leading tech expert with years of experience in the space. Having worked for a ton of renowned brands in the tech space, Mr. Buterin is seeking to revolutionize the industry through the Ethereum platform.

With a vast knowledge of technology and the crypto space, Vitalik Buterin is known for constantly sharing valuable information with his millions of followers. Encouraging and engaging followers across all of his social media pages, Buterin is an ideal tech expert to have on your timeline.


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Tech Entrepreneurs & Influencers to Follow in 2022

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