That Old Black Magick – Get an Edge and Get Your Ex Back – Part I!

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Isn’t it really hard when you’ve been doing all you can to win that special someone back after a breakup and it’s still no luck or “close, but no cigar”? The pain can be tremendous. Destiny has brought you here. In this article I will share with you two very important things that can help you make positive gains in your situation. These two key factors are yourself (Yes, this means Y-O-U – YOU!!) and magick. I will focus mostly on magick because there is loads of info out on the web that more than adequately covers the “self-help” aspect. That said, as Inominandum (one of my recommended casters) has so succinctly and accurately stated on his website:”First comes the working, then comes the work”. That is something you must remember if you choose to use magick to aid you on your quest. Magick is about creating change in conformity to the will i.e. your will. You cannot expect anything from magick if you engage in behaviour detrimental to achieving your goal because magick worksnaturally. You will need to act in a positive manner towards your goal subject to circumstance – use your head. It is also important to remember that magick increases, often to a massive degree, your chances of achieving your goal and yet nothing is etched in stone. There are no guarantees – only higher probabilities of success. And still, it does work: there will be results whether you perceive them or not and that is because magick works on the subconscious mind and its workings are not always readily manifest to the naked eye. Sometimes, there is just too much complexity and it simply needs much more time (even years) than you’re willing to tolerate or (more likely) you do something to screw it up and then spells fail to come “full circle”. “Full Circle” is a term that means “Fully effective and manifesting the exact result desired”.

Note: This is important. Magick can very rarely make someone love you from scratch. It can fan the flames of dulled passion or attraction/interest that existed or exist, but it’s very difficult to grow love from if there was zero attraction in the first place. Also magick is very unlikely (although not impossible) to secure the desire of anyone who doesn’t know you from Adam. Lust spells can work from scratch if the target is aware of you. However, I typically don’t waste time on lust because any hot chick/dude should do and there’s no need to be specific. I’m sure some of the spell casters on my list can help you with generalised lust spells.

Okay, let’s get straight down to business i.e. what you’re really reading this article for – to find out how to use magick to get him/her back. Love spells are big business – and I mean BIG. That’s why there are way too many unscrupulous characters exploiting the misery and needs of others by making tall claims, charging high prices and delivering nothing. Of the hundreds of “spell casters” I’ve come across online, only a handful are deemed potentially honest and worth trying out. Personally, I’ve never sought their services or interacted with them because I have never faced a situation that truly demanded it (Lucky Me!). However, my knowledge and experience with magickal systems, common sense and psychic ability make it very easy for me to sift the wheat from the chaff. While I offer no guarantees whatsoever with regards to what you might experience if you used the services of the spell casters I suggest, I am very confident that you are unlikely to find out that they are scams. The results may not be what you desire but it’s my opinion that these casters are honest and authentic people. Still, do your own homework and research. The internet is growing everyday and there may be new reports/reviews or info these spell casters that might warrant careful re-consideration – and yet, I doubt this will be the case. Also, be very wary of the reports themselves because some people (maybe competitors?) slander others just to destroy their reputations.

To quickly list how I went about assessing (things I looked for) these spell casting sites:

  • Genuine knowledge of magickal systems and principles (not just attention grabbing sales talk).
  • A real online presence (independent site, relevant and active forums). Note: anybody can set up a forum and independent site; I check the site content for plausibility and the activity levels on the forums.
  • Results based customer feedback where possible. Many sellers operate via eBay, and while I know there are a few authentic craftsmen/women on that site, there are loads of sellers that seem dubious to me. I discard low priority feedback (e.g. “I know it will work!”, “Great communicator!”, “Nice person!”, “Fast delivery” and the like) unless they are negative and look only for results oriented positive feedback.
  • Opinions posted online on Yahoo Answers, unaffiliated forums (, amongst others).
  • Domain registration information ( or or Jackasses who claim to live in some exotic, Eastern land but who are really operating out of Muskogee, Oklahoma (for instance) cannot pull one over me. If there is little or no information on the domain check results then I just assume they’re bullshitting unless I have other evidence that supports my belief in their credibility and this includes my psychic instinct although it is fallible to some extent.
  • Products/Services offered. Some frauds promise the moon and if you’re too fanciful it’s easy to get sucked in. Be very wary of sellers casting penis/breast/height enhancement spells and the like.
  • “Rip-Off Report” ( I do read the reports on this site and some of the spell casters on my list do have negative reports. However, I no longer take “Rip-Off Report” seriously when it comes to reviews on spell casters because it has turned into a tool for jealous competitors to trash their rivals and insane clients (who’re always panicking or screwing things up) to voice their frustrations. There are some honest reports with clients who have not yet seen results they wish for, but then spell casting is an art not a science and it might not always produce the desired outcome.
  • My psychic instincts. I trust them and you should trust your instincts too.

The list of spell casters that follows is ordered randomly. I perceive all of them to be capable and genuine practitioners in their respective paths.

1.Izabael Dajinn ( Izabael is a Californian practitioner of High Magick (Hermeticism, Goetia, Solomonic Magic) with over 10 years of experience behind her, and appears to be a fun person to boot. It also looks like she has worked as glamour model at some point in time. She does have a few videos of herself on YouTube reading stuff from Crowley’s works and runs a forum called the “The Fool Speaks” ( that discusses all things magickal with an emphasis on Hermeticism. In addition, she is confident of her magickal skills (and that is vital for a mage) and is apparently very intelligent. She is also on eBay, look for seller ID: izabael_genie. Bottom line – give her a shout if you want to go the magickal route. Her prices are generally very reasonable and I hope they stay that way. Give it a try – I’m positive you won’t be disappointed by this real mage.

2. Spirited Enterprise ( Mother Moon and the other sisters/brothers of this “blessed sanctuary” offer genuine spell casting services amongst other things like spiritual artefacts (entity vessels, amulets), psychic readings, books and incense many of which are easily affordable. The team of Spirited Enterprise have extensive experience (some have been working the craft for over 50 years!!) and can work with both the so-called “Dark” and “Light” systems of magick. They are based in South Carolina.

Although most products/services are affordable, I find the artefacts, the entity vessels in particular, to be very expensive but then these are often jewellery that would be costly enough even excluding the effort for conjuring and binding the entity to the vessels or spell casting to imbue them with desirable energies. They claim that the entity itself decides the type of vessel it should be bound to and this is possible (magickally speaking) although I have never come across such in my experience. However, from time to time they do offer great deals with discounts and also a “Best Offer” option that is in concept similar to an auction but it is not an auction site as such. They do run a forum on which clients and guests may interact to discuss their purchases, situations, magick or anything in general provided there is respect for all parties on the forum. Again I like the fact that the seller emphasises that magickal workings: a) take time; b) may require re-working (or a boost) for complex, long-drawn situations; and c) require your conscious positive efforts towards your goal on this physical plane. Also, it’s only the entity vessels that I find expensive (although there is a range of prices depending on the item): the spell work seems quite affordable with only a few exceptions. The web-site also has some very interesting photographs that appear to capture the spiritual energies on camera. Good stuff!

3. Inominandum ( This is Jason Miller’s site. Jason is an honest and experienced (he started when he was 5!) practitioner of a unique blend of High Magick and Rootwork. He has travelled widely and has spent time with Eastern masters learning Tantra, European mages for High Magick and New Orleans workers of Hoodoo. He is an initiate and member of various orders from both the Western and Eastern schools of occult practice. Jason also offers courses in sorcery and conducts workshops at various locations in the United States. Despite this heavy schedule Jason does make time to work on client requests (“Sorcerer For Hire” link on his website). Jason is one of those wise practitioners who make it clear that he cannot guarantee results but merely “engineers” probability in favour of the client to the extent possible. He maintains a forum called “Inominandum – Author, Teacher, Sorcerer”. One of the very few authentic practitioners out there and someone you should consider in particular because he blends High Magick with Folk (so-called “Low”) Magick and that can be an incredibly effective magickal system.

4. Deacon Millet ( Deacon is a rootworker with a hint of Catholicism (as is common in this form of the craft and Four Altars is a Gospel Sanctuary) and is a specialist in love reconciliation cases. Reuniting lovers is a bit of a personal “cause” of Deacon’s because his current partnership went through some tough times and an initial breakup and this makes reconciling lovers a job that is really close to his heart. Deacon is on the Board of Bishops at the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Christians who are often at loggerheads with this sort of thing might be very comfortable working with Deacon. One is relatively assured of credibility and authenticity since he is listed on (Association of Independent Readers & Rootworkers) and people listed there are genuine. The Association is affiliated in some way to the legendary Cat Yronwode of the Lucky Mojo Curio company although Cat (as far as I know) no longer engages in spell work although they offer vigil candles as part of their services. I doubt you can go wrong with Deacon or anybody else on the Association although some may turn down reconciliation cases due to the challenging nature of such cases and their preferred code of conduct. Deacon is someone you should surely consider when pursuing love related spell work.

5. Fuerza Ndoki ( Fuerza Ndoki is a Palo priest (a “Tata Nganga” i.e. a Palo priest who has initiated others into the practice) and works as a software engineer by day. Based in San Francisco, California, Fuerza works with Palo, one of the more aggressive (but not evil) forms of sorcery that is of African origin. The Nkisi or Nganga works with the spirits making petitions on your behalf. Almost all cases will require a divination to check if the spirits are able to work on the case. If the spirits do take it on, be assured that they will pursue it with tenacity doing the very best they can to achieve the desired end provided you do the same. Going by his website, Fuerza is not into the craft just for the money but is driven also by a passion for his craft and to help people get what they want in life. His website suggests: “Nothing you do for love can be wrong.” Check him out for sure. There’s a contact form on the website where you can make your enquiry. No worries about credibility here – he’s for real.

6. Tata Doc ( Tata Doc is also a Palo Nganga who can help. Yes, he is authentic although I’m not certain if he still provides spell casting services online. If he does, you can trust his sincerity.

Tata Doc has also studied the more Western schools of the occult i.e. Enochian, Chaos Magick etc. and is a fairly devout student of the Martial Arts. He is a founding member and former head of the Black Order of Azazel that studies/practices Thelema. Again as Palo priest and leader of his Munanso Seite Rayos Tata is bound to the Palero’s code of conduct. He will do what he can to manifest your desired result.

7. Original Ninja Cat ( First up, this lady is different from Cat Yronwode of the Lucky Mojo Curio Company. Ninja Cat is a graduate of Fine Arts (with a minor in History) who actually wanted to be rock star at some point.:)

Ninja Cat is a naturally gifted psychic and rootworker who began practising at the age of 11. She is also a redhead – I like redheads:). More important and relevant, she is definitely an authentic practitioner. I can’t tell you about her as well as she can, so go to to know more. Please note that Ninja Cat adheres to strict codes of conduct with regards to spell requests and you can read about them in her FAQ section

8. Master Andreas (eBay Seller: black_forest_magick): Master Andreas is a German practitioner of witchcraft of various forms and was raised in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald Region) of Germany close to the Rhine Valley. He has now moved to the United States (Olivehurst, California). The gentleman is genuine as far as I can tell. My positive psychic instincts, some definitive feedback from clients on eBay and his being mentioned on the Creepy Hollows Forum ( all give me very positive vibes about him. Check him out and I think you will find that he can do custom spell work in addition to the products he lists on eBay. My instincts say he’s genuine but if you’re uncomfortable you can get in touch with him via eBay and make some enquiries. Alternatively, check on the Creepy Hollows forum where he is a member.

Okay, so that is the list. I hope it helps you on your quest to reconcile with your beloved.

A few final notes:

a) Remember that these recommendations are based largely on my opinion. You should investigate on your own before making any purchases which, by the way, are solely your decision and responsibility. In short, what I’m saying is that if I were in your position and could afford it, I would be comfortable making purchases from any of these spell casters. Nonetheless, I cannot guarantee that you will obtain your desired result and am not responsible for anything that occurs or does not occur if you make purchases from these spell casters. It’s very important to remember that there are no guarantees with spell casting – just increased probability i.e. an edge (likely a big one!).

b)Do your part. Work on yourself, get a positive self-image, heal and have fun. Remember: mopping around does your situation very little good. There’s plenty of material on the Internet on this aspect, so make sure you read and APPLY IT. This is just as important as the working when it comes to manifesting the result onto the physical plane. Take only POSITIVE ACTION when appropriate. Yes, there are cases where a “negative” twist can work but this requires a thorough knowledge of the person & circumstances. The simple rule: ACT POSITIVELY TOWARD YOUR GOAL. Learn, focus, and act.

Remember that magick works naturally (i.e. within physical laws). In short, if your target is in Timbuktu, your spell will work but you cannot hold that person’s hand unless you get there or he/she travels to where you live. What the spell can do is convince them to meet you.

c)Keep silent. Although not everybody says this, I strongly recommend it. Don’t discuss your spells with anyone other than your caster. It’s not that the spell gets weaker (although some witches insist that talking about it could make it pick up negative subconscious vibes from others), but people you discuss it with may say discouraging things that sound like positive advice and that can create self-doubt or limited resourcefulness. Of course, never mention the spell to the target of the spell – ever. In general, keep your trap shut!! Why talk to people about it anyway?? You’ll almost always hear the same old stuff (i.e. “Move on”, “Learn to let go” etc. etc. ad nauseum) that is useful if you really want to give up but not if you’re focussing on reconciling.

This is also in line with the witchcraft codes: To Know, To Will, To Dare and To Keep Silent.

d) Spell “clash”: Multiple spells cast towards the same goal by a genuine witches do not clash or backfire, but work harmoniously towards the objective. However, you may feel some energetic shifts for a week or so as the energies sort themselves out. The reason I’m mentioning this is because I’ve seen concerns about using multiple spell casters on the same case being voiced on various online forums. When cast by authentic, experienced witches whose intents are 100% aligned with yours towards the exact same goal this is impossible even when they are unaware that other casters have worked on your case. Always clarify the intent of the witch e.g. don’t go to a Wiccan and then to a Black Magician, there may be a conflict of intent here because the Black Mage will just do the job period but the Wiccan may try to do what’s “best for you”. That’s why it is important to first know exactly what you want in terms of intent, then read through the chosen spell casters site and have a significant amount of discussion with the caster before purchase.

e) Layer complex spell work: If you do decide to order a spell casting make sure you “layer” it. Since reconciliations often involve complexity, you may want to “layer” your spells i.e. order specific spells to target different aspects of the situation. Exactly what these aspects are is something only you can know, so think it out carefully. Consult with spell casters on this issue. I very strongly recommend that you a) incorporate something that tackles your own negativity & limiting beliefs towards manifesting your goal, and b) use a combination of the so-called “dark” & “light” energies (i.e. black & white magick). I know people balk at the thought of “dark” energy but dark & light co-exist. Neither is necessarily evil or good unless you think it so, they’re merely different energies. Personally, I never classify magick into “colours” – magick is just magick.

f) Avoid obsessing: Worry is useless and merely drains resourcefulness at best; at worst, it could make you do something stupid or illegal like stalking the person. A little wise, covert reconnaissance within legal limits is fine and you’ll still need to be careful. Getting caught doing stuff like this will be a major hassle to the spell.

That pretty much winds up this article which is part of a series (maybe a trilogy:)). In part II, I’ll give you some tips on how to begin some magickal workings of your own to help with your situation.

Good luck and may all the “forces” be with you and may your desire manifest!

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