The 3 Important Things You Must Do Or Know Before Becoming a State Trooper

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If you have always wanted to work in the law enforcement field, you might consider a career as a state trooper. While every state has a different process for hiring, there are a few general things to consider when deciding whether a career as a state trooper is right for you:

1) State troopers do not work 9 to 5 jobs like most of us. Crimes don’t occur on schedule and our law enforcement officers are expected to work when they are needed. Standard shifts for state troopers are often 12 hours or more, and many agencies require these officers to work swing or alternating shifts.

If you work in an investigative capacity, you have to go whenever and wherever the crime happens. One of the things that make law enforcement careers so interesting and exciting is that this is one job where you REALLY do not know what to expect. However, this also is the reason that these jobs include a very unpredictable schedule.

2) The process for becoming a state trooper is arduous and involved, which is as it should be. This should not present a problem as long as you are willing to soldier through it. You will have to go through exhaustive background checks, reference checks, psychological interviews and testing, fingerprinting and some applicants may undergo lie detector tests.

This is all in addition to meeting physical requirements and also passing academy tests, including testing on the firing range. From the time you apply, it will be several months before you would ever actually get the job.

The academy training is tough and you have to be performing at your highest levels in all areas in order to pass. Military boot camp may be tough but some candidates feel that this training is just as intense, and perhaps even a little harder.

3) Being a state trooper is a mentally challenging and emotionally demanding job and you should be prepared to deal with the stress. For many people the stress is something that is hard to leave behind at the end of the day.

This may take a giant toll on your personal and family life, and even marriages will sometimes suffer. If you understand and prepare yourself for this at the beginning, it will help. Anyone working in law enforcement can tell you that you will see a number of troubling, unsettling and unpleasant things.

This is not television or the movies. You are now dealing with reality and real people and emotions and it is extremely difficult to do. You will see people perpetrate crimes against innocent victims, and you will encounter people who are not happy to see you.

Of course, this is counterbalanced by the fact that you will have the opportunity every single day to make a positive impact in someone’s life. This is one of the great joys for many who choose law enforcement careers.

So if you are ready to experience such joy, I encourage you to look into the state trooper career. You can get more information by visiting websites that cover the career in more detail.

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