The Audacious Agency Reveals The Top 3 Advantages Entrepreneurs Gain by Entering Business Awards

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PARADISE POINT, Queensland, Australia, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Distance and a bird’s-eye-view of a problem can give you more dynamic perspectives on finding solutions. Pause and reflection give you that vitally important point of view in your business, but how often do you pause? When you go through the process of entering a business award and you work with someone who helps you to unpack each question involved in submitting an entry, you have to pause and reflect on your journey.

Anneli, a professional leadership developer who has recently won Gold for her Stevie Award entry, says: “Leveraging your strengths is a shortcut to success, but only if you take the time to honour, appreciate and celebrate them. Entering awards encourages you to reflect on your successes as much as your gaps. Your strengths hold important clues to sustainable success. Review what’s worked well and do more of it. Celebrate it, own it, lead with it.”

Lisa Cox is an award-winning media professional, author and speaker, actively challenging and changing the way disability is represented in mainstream popular culture. Lisa says, “there are great businesswomen winning awards all the time and I want to show that women with disabilities can be just as capable if given the right opportunities and individual supports.”

Jodie Minto, founder, CEO and Kaftan Queen at iland co. has also entered a number of awards with positive feedback. Jodie says “entering business awards allows business owners a chance to stop and reflect on their achievements over the past year – something we very rarely ever do!”.

Rebecca Fuchs is an award-winning Coach and Consultant and talks about entering awards, “entering and winning awards gave me the chance to reflect, articulate and share my personal and our business’ unique value proposition, which resulted in amazing public recognition for all our tireless efforts and incredible achievements. This in turn motivates me and the team to keep delivering outstanding client experiences. The awards help attract high-performing talent, referral partners, and more clients to grow our business.”

Whether or Not You Win, Entering An Award Establishes Credibility

Olivia Jenkins, an 8 times award-winning authority in eCommerce, says “entering and winning awards has assisted in positioning myself as the authority in business consulting and business coaching in Australia. It’s really helped to highlight my capabilities as a consultant and what I can offer my clients in terms of growing their business and helping them to become iconic brands with cult followings.”

Anneli concurs, “it’s helped me become even clearer on my value proposition, my point of difference, and my positive impact. Seeing the outcomes my clients have achieved in our work together, continues to inspire me on a daily basis.”

Entrants Can Gain Publicity and Build Their Professional Network

Entrants stand to add authority to their message, but their message can also reach a far greater audience. Not only is it free publicity, but you’re also presented with opportunities to network and collaborate with others.

“Entering awards has helped me to take stock of and receive recognition for our noteworthy accomplishments in servicing our clients and the industry-leading results we have achieved for them, our employees, our business, and our referral partner eco-system,” says Rebecca.

Entering awards gives you the space to show what you’re capable of in a positive and appropriate conversation with the world.

Olivia says “the lessons gained from entering business awards have been invaluable in terms of building a bulletproof brand that is well known, respected and renowned for delivering work that leads with passion, quality and is ultimately driven by results for clients.”

By entering awards, Lisa is able to leverage more publicity for her cause, “my business aims to improve the profile or representation of the wider disability community and while I can’t make that happen overnight, I can start with myself and use the publicity I get from winning awards as a potential catalyst for change”.

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