The Best Money Transfer Services In The UAE

When transferring money out of the UAE, it is critical that you choose the service with the best security and a quality exchange rate. The UAE is made up of a huge proportion of immigrant workers, and as a result, there is a thriving money transfer service market to help make it easier for ex-pats to send money home to countries like the UK, the USA and India. 

Often, you will want to look at dedicated money transfer services rather than going through your typical high street bank. There are some excellent UAE banks that also provide this service at a competitive rate, so be sure to do your homework to find the most suitable service possible. 


Skrill is an excellent option for anyone who needs their money transferred quickly, with transfer times of overnight. You might have to compromise on the exchange rate to enjoy the faster transfer, but this can be well worthwhile in urgent or emergency situations. All you need to register with Skrill is a connection to the internet and the bank details of your recipient. If you don’t have their bank details, you can also generate a transfer using their email address. 


CurrencyFair offers one of the best exchange rates around, ensuring that you get great value for money on your transfer. They allow transfers between over 150 countries and have an excellent app to help users make their transfers quickly and easily. They also run offers regularly, providing users with great deals on their money transfers. 


ADCB is a long-established UAE bank and one of the largest in the country. They offer highly competitive money transfer services, including instant transfers covering a wide range of international banks and financial services. ADCB is the perfect choice for anyone who wants the peace of mind that using a traditional bank brings, with all the convenience and value for money of any of the dedicated international money transfer services. 


Wise provides transfers across 175 countries with excellent rates and no hidden fees. Wise is well established, having operated for over a decade, and is widely considered one of the foremost international money transfer services. Its only downside is that it has relatively limited currency options compared to other providers on this list. However, the very low transfer fees make this a worthwhile exchange for many users. 

Currency Solutions

Currency Solutions offer a great deal for customers, with fee-free transfers for transactions over £3,000. You can use their service over the phone or through their secure online platform, making it one of the most accessible of the money transfer options. The business is also highly rated on Trustpilot, giving users the peace of mind they deserve knowing that their money is in safe hands. 


You should carefully assess your options when it comes to selecting a money transfer service in the UAE. Most providers will inform you early in the process of the exchange rate, so it is just a matter of shopping around to find the best value for money. You should also carefully research any service you consider using to ensure that it is legitimate and will keep your hard-earned cash safe.

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