The Cure For Belief In The Ancient Western Code

Steven Spielberg

Before I really begin, I would like to say that the spiritual, strange, magical and weird does exist as nothing unreal exists even in thought, and the ancient Western Code of nothing spiritual, amazing or strange has any validity is pure foolishness. Progenitors of the Western Code like Wilhelm Wundt and Sigmund Freud saying basically that we are “meat puppets” without spirit and lots of automatic guilt and evil is nonsense too. Think! Reality is more than what we see, sense or immediately understand, even if we do not care to admit it, and think it is depressingly limited in so many ways.

If we can generate original creative thought of any sort, we are not just “meat puppets” and this universe is not causeless or unintelligent as “those people” would love us to think.

If we were just meat puppets without souls or spirits, then all the “Councils of Eugenics”, “Centers for Disease Control”, and “The Deep State” and the like would have it all locked up in a ‘neat little box’ and easily explained, right down to UFO’s really being weather balloons or some blimp flying around instead of just UFO’s or unidentified flying objects so to speak and nothing amazing would ever happen, especially things that make us grow.

After all, if humanity were as limited as they say, evolution would be a double bind and end with what they say it ends with, would it not? I mean, nothing would get to higher technology or development, would it?

So, the cure for belief in the ancient Western Code of “nothing amazing ever really happens, and everything is easily explained” is the genuine phenomena of growth, change and the fluidity of reality right down to insect aphids turning into winged insects when called upon to get off the trees as spores or caterpillars changing into butterflies out of the need for evolution.

So, when I consider the genuine totality of the genetic method, I stand in awe and wonder instead of going “Wow, this is it. That is all.” For indeed, there is always more and more, energy never stops changing. The only genuine loss is the perceived limits of reality anyway according to the aforementioned ancient Western code of “nothing amazing happens, and it is a weakly Godless scramble to get by the best you can without luck, help or blessing.” That depressing version is the short form of what I am writing about being wrong.

I genuinely believe in the miraculous, I genuinely believe in the great, and I genuinely believe in consistent growth. If all this were not real, the last technological advance would have happened about one hundred years ago when the United States Patent Clerk said, “Everything that will be invented, has been invented, I may as well close up.” That example is the genuine ridiculous nature of the ancient Western Code. As long as there is a reality, as long as there is an existence, there is a chance to grow.

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