The Greenfields Of Yesteryear

Steven Spielberg

Once there were green fields where rivers used to run. Now through man’s indifference everywhere the earth is being scorched by an oppressive sun. It is as though we are like termites destroying the only home we have. Science and technology developed has afforded mankind the capabilities of easing the devastating effects of what man is still unleashing to our environment and planet. And, yet there continues to be no authentic forward momentum to instill a sense of urgency and responsibility to correct the imbalances in our environment and society.

The tight grip on power and control manipulated by so few has only entrenched themselves in sequestering the public. This sequestering of the public through the media, education, policy directives, mandates and laws have created a wall of indifference, apathy, and ignorance to what is actually happening to our world.

When there are so few that are able to see above that wall our world will only continue to suffer irreparable harm. The imbalances to our environment and society will only get worse. The future of humanity will remain in great jeopardy, and our planet will soon become inhospitable.

There are some who believe all hope is not lost. But, against almost impossible odds they realize we are in a race against time. Time mankind really doesn’t have, for if we wait too long there will be no future for far too many.

The Georgia Guide Stones have prophesied the fate for humanity. Do we dare continue to ignore the warning signs that are all around us and keep ourselves behind that wall of indifference, apathy and ignorance? Or do we rise above and realize the future really is in our hands. But, we must act in total accord and in unity to tear down that wall and embark on the path toward a more balanced world. A world that is in harmony with nature, the environment and mankind.

Today, when the world is still in the throws of a Pandemic much of the attention is focused away from the impending catastrophes that are accumulating in size and frequency all across the globe. Too many governments are only one dimensional in their thinking and policy directives. For if mankind is to rid ourselves of the yolk of oppression from governmental interference and procrastination in easing the many crisis that are plaguing societies today we have to rise above that wall of indifference. We have to realize that only a multi lateral policy directive focusing on a definitive plan of direction will succeed. A plan of direction that encompasses the solutions necessary. This entails national economic reform’s technological and scientific agenda that will bring the balance to our environment and our society..

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