The Power of Women

Steven Spielberg

Women are regarded falsely as the weaker sex, but it is not so. This is because man takes coarseness as signs of strength, and women are naturally not in that league. They are incidentally psychically stronger than men, which makes men more or less dependent on their whims.

Why are women stronger? In the divine realm, there is hardly any separation between male and female species, until we reach the beginning of creation. The twenty-four Elders mentioned in the Book of revelations in the Bible, for example, are at the last outposts of Divinity, and combine the species of male and female within themselves. In the symbolism, the male bears the vertical form but the female bears the horizontal form. A combination of both forms the equal armed Cross, the + sign. Thus a woman is a complement to a man in that sense.

But the truth is that the more delicate sign, the horizontal sign, is actually the stronger sign. You only have to consider mathematics, where the minus sign acts in a dominant manner to understand my drift.

Thus the psychic pull of the woman cannot be over estimated in a man. Ideally, if a woman is pure, any nobly man will feel like storming the high heavens to please her. But what do we have today?The moral crisis of the earth today is simply because women have lost their position in the cosmos, and seek to drag the role of men with them. Any society where their women gives in to debauchery and senseless sensuality is doomed to failure. The fall of great empires have been traced to the moral collapse of womanhood, who dragged the men down to decay in the so-called enjoyment. Hence, instead of men storming the high heavens they storm hell to please women. They have forced into truism the statement that there is no death of Man that is not directly or indirectly traceable to women.

In the current ongoing purification, a surgical operation is going to be performed on humanity to whip women into place and cut off the stubborn tumors. They are already being brutalized by psychically angry men, who have resorted in treating them worse than animals. Think of all the rapes and bestiality going on in the world today. But this is morning yet on punishment day. It may well happen that their destructive weapon, their sexuality, will bring them to their knees. In the not-so distant future, wars may have depleted men that bestiality in womanhood, who will, tired of sodomy which is beginning to face crisis in the peak of their boldness, will fight over the remaining men. These will in turn reduce them to indescribable objects of brutality.

But after thunder and rain, after the great purification, then observe the purity of women. The Nobility of people will then be determined by the nobility of their women.

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