Topmost Tips for Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development has for sure taken over the realms from the earlier modes of business promotion with huge margins. But having said that, coming up with a feature-rich, fully functional and engaging mobile app is not everyone’s cup of tea, instead oodles of effort and patience is the ultimate necessity to make things work as you want. The article below brings into limelight this very fact and spills the beans on developing a feasible mobile app for your client, immaterial of whether you are an individual or a company.

Client conferencing

This is the starting and perhaps the most important phase of mobile development where you need to interact with your client to grasp all the major and minute details of the proposed app. It is good if you could make your questions as relevant as possible so as to receive equally relevant answers. You need to interact with the client throughout the development of the project but still, the initial meeting is of utmost significance.

Developing prototypes

After getting all the inputs from the client, you can create a rough sketch of the project on a paper. Alternatively, several wireframing tools are also available to help you in this cause. Depending on your understanding, you can draw various screens that could satisfy the purpose of the mobile app. Once you’re done, discuss about its pros and cons with your team mate, followed by its approval from the person who matters the most, your client.

Your suggestions

Besides taking care of the information from your vendor, you can also suggest them some of your own points that could add essence to the application. For instance, you can discuss user’s perspective on the proposed system and the performance of the already existing apps. User experience indeed plays a keen role in making an app a success.

Strategy building

Once you are done with all the discussion work, it is now time to carve out a win-win strategy for mobile app development. Sit with your team of designers, developers and testers and do a little bit of storming to devise full proof strategy.


Nowadays, businesses prefer getting their apps developed for multiple platforms and not any single one. Hence, depending on client’s requirements, you can start the development work on different platforms simultaneously or alternatively, complete the app on one platform at first. Of the two, the latter method is perhaps better however if you have sizable teams for all the technologies, you can start work in parallel. Another profitable point in this context is to use cross platform development frameworks such as PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Rhomobile, etc. All these provide the facility of using a single code to develop apps on different mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.


The design part is an important aspect of the overall mobile application development process since it is responsible for the overall look and feel of the system. The better the UI, the better are its chances to appeal the masses. As for design platforms, you can ask your designers to use Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other related tools and technologies.


This is where you need to be damn sure of the proper functioning of the app. Either you can go for manual testing or use several tools for the same available online. Make sure to prepare all the test cases on which you want to test the performance of the app and proceed accordingly.

Abide by guidelines

While Android is an open source OS and hence does not ask you to follow any guideline to develop the app, the case is not the same with iOS. You need to take care of all the standard rules and regulations for iOS development so that your app could get the approval on the very first submission. Else, Apple would continue rejecting your project until you abide by their specific requirements. Hence, try to abide by all the desired points so to remain in the good book of the concerned App store.

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