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Process improvement is vital in an information technology business. When there is a dozen staff members running around repairing computers, there has to be a process to the madness. If one customer issue arises that is easy for one employee to solve, but the same issue takes another employee 4 hours to troubleshoot, there is some sort of disconnect. This actually occurs all of the time with an information technology industry. Training Six Sigma to employees in IT will help with documenting fixes and repairs of hardware or software issues. This will allow for someone who doesn’t know how to fix an issue to walk right up and perform the fix in a few minutes rather than a few hours. Process improvement can be learned and imprinted in the mind of employees when you send them to Six Sigma courses.

Quality support is very important with information technology also. Just because you are fixing a computer for someone that works for the same company doesn’t mean they are not a customer. Internal employees are your customer if they are calling you for support. Training Six Sigma helps employees understand how to motivate staff across an organization and create a desire for IT personnel to provide quality support to everyone they help.

Quality begins with a clear understanding of what the customers needs really are. It also includes courteous behavior and working in a timely fashion. Customers rely on IT organizations to provide the best support possible because their job depends on it. Training employees in Six Sigma is the best thing a business can do with their IT staff. When they can ensure all equipment is up and running as it should be, everyone can do their jobs and there is no downtime.

The information technology industry can benefit from training Six Sigma to all staff members. This includes entry level positions, team leaders, and even management. Management might go to Six Sigma Black Belt training while entry level staff learns the basic methodologies. This is beneficial to a company because the IT staff will learn how to improve processes by documenting, how to provide total quality support, and meeting the customers needs. Six Sigma Training can ensure the success of business – even in the IT department.

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