June 6, 2023

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Try Wavemaker Low Code – What’s New in Updated App

Wavemaker 10 is a newly released low-code-driven modernization platform. The platform helps businesses generate high-impact returns on their modernization and digital transformation projects.

For Building and deploying web apps, Try Wave maker Low Code. You may just start from scratch by constructing the database that will house the data. 

Using java services help you prepare any business logic. You can construct the user interface using drag and drop. Within a week or so, you could have any intermediate project online. The upgraded version offers several unexpected advantages, which we shall go through.

Latest Version Updates of Wavemaker:

A highly-advanced application stack – Angular 7: 

 To create flexible online and mobile apps, developers may use Angular 7. The most robust and scalable web front-end framework in the industry. These programs feature improved performance and efficiency, as well as type safety and a more contemporary User Experience.

Enhanced Developer Productivity & Collaboration: 

A new IDE synchronization feature provides a unique developer experience by allowing programmers to mix and match Java code produced in their preferred IDEs, such as Eclipse or Interlay, with low-code platform components.

Therefore, it gives business application development teams powerful, deep customization possibilities. In addition, the new platform has an integrated artifact repository where developers may exchange reusable application parts such as service prefabs, templates, themes, and data models.

Such collaborative capabilities encourage standardization, consistency, and reuse-driven efficiency, which helps to speed up massive organizational modernization and digital transformation initiatives.

As Wave Maker’s developer base grows across global IT organizations, the platform now supports regional language localization, allowing teams of corporate developers across several language zones to build applications more collaboratively and effectively.

Increased Enterprise Security and Accessibility: 

As more business IT teams migrate to the cloud, they are looking for fine-grained user restrictions to decrease security vulnerabilities. As a result, Wavemaker 10 allows you to construct numerous developer personas with distinct permission settings, allowing teams to play specialized roles in the updated application. 

Open ID protocols are used for authentication and single sign-on, and all Wavemaker 10 apps are protected against OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities to guarantee enhanced security against attacks and malicious injections. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 are also supported by Wavemaker 10 apps, making them more accessible to people with impairments.

Final Verdict:

The security features are advanced and easily adaptable, all the way up to field-level security! Try Wave maker Low Code; it creates the API interface for any data table in the database or any business logic services for you. In addition, the web application might make use of external API services and interface with your business logic.

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